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Premium grade sap from specially selected rubber plantations are sent to our factory in Belgium for production.

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A breathable fabric results in a healthier you. Breathability is especially important in warmer climates with high humidity.

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Sofzsleep mattresses are made to last at least ten years or more. We rigorously benchmark our mattresses internationally, assuring you of the highest standards.

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8 Tips on How to Get your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

For many first-time parents, bringing a new baby home is both the most magical time of their lives – and the most sleep-deprived. If this sounds like the situation you’re in, we got you. Our sleep experts (who are parents too) are here to share our top eight tips for helping your baby snooze more soundly, and for longer periods of time. Tip 1: Blackout curtains are your best friends...
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Suffering from Allergies? Your Mattress Could Be the Cause (and Solution)

Do you scratch yourself to sleep at night? Or worse, do your allergies cause you to wake up in the middle of the night with bouts of coughing or sneezing? If you suffer from allergies when you hop into bed, sleeping time can feel nightmarish. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this article, we will dive into the causes of bedtime allergies and see what you can...
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Choosing the Ideal Bed Sheets for Snoozing (and Other Bedtime Activities)

Just like buying the perfect mattress, choosing bed sheets is a process that requires some thought as well. And if you’re wondering what else there is to consider besides, “which colour do I like the best?”, then you’re at the right place. Your ideal bedsheets should be comfortable, long-lasting and of course, put you in a good mood! But with so many choices out there, how can you select bed...
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Is Working from Home Affecting Your Sleep? (And What You Can Do About It)

Just over a year ago, most Singaporeans imagined working from home to be a dream scenario – where you can get work done from your living room (or even your bed), never need to change out of your pyjamas, and still be paid a full salary! Plus, you could look after your kids, grab snacks from the refrigerator, and take “Netflix breaks” every now and then – all without worrying...
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“Never Photograph a Sleeping Person” and Other Quirky Superstitions

Some of us in Singapore would’ve heard this superstitious belief, “Never take a photo of a sleeping person”. But did you know why? According to folklore, a person’s spirit leaves their body when they sleep, and can be captured in photos. (Especially back in the day, when cameras relied heavily on film and flash to snap photos at night.) Fast forward to 2021, where photography is mostly digital, and we...
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How to Choose The Best Mattress in Singapore

Content : Best Mattresses in Singapore Sofzsleep Trilogy – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Sofzsleep Delight – Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Sofzsleep Grand – Best Mattress for Back Sleepers Sofzsleep Starlight – Best Mattress for Growing Kids How to Choose the Best Mattress for you? Types of Mattresses Innerspring Pocketed Coil Natural Fibre Pillowtop Memory Foam Latex Mattress Sizes Single Super Single Queen King Sleeping Position Side Sleepers Stomach...
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Why More Couples are Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms (By Choice!)

In romance fantasies, there’s nothing sweeter than falling asleep in your partner’s warm, loving embrace. However, for many couples, reality often paints a different picture. He snores, she steals the blankets, and both of you can never seem to agree on an ideal sleeping time. And all this, can affect the quality of your sleep – which also impacts your energy level, productivity and mood the next day. Traditionally, this...
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Children’s Bedtimes Across the Globe

Have you ever wondered if your child is sleeping at the “right time” every night? Well, the answer could be hearty “yes!” or a strong “heck nah!”, depending on where you live in the world. According to studies of children’s bedtimes, there is an over 2.5-hour difference between the sleeping times of children across nations – with New Zealanders tucking their little ones into bed before 7.30pm and Hong Kong...
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The Ghoulish Truth Behind Sleep Paralysis

According to Chinese folklore, this phenomenon occurs when a ghost is sleeping on top of you – pressing you down and not allowing you to move. In Fiji, the experience has an even more terrifying description – locals refer to it as, “kana tevoro”, or “being eaten by a demon”. Back in medieval times, people believed this was the work of an evil succubus attacking them in their dreams. Whatever...
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6 Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear

While sleeping naked may be a stretch for some, snoozing without underwear is common among both men and women in Singapore. And while the main reasons for going commando are usually comfort or convenience, there are proven health benefits to sleeping with one less layer of clothes. Here are some reasons why you may want to make sleeping without underwear an everyday occurrence. 1. Your bits can finally breathe! In...
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