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Why More Couples are Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms (By Choice!)

In romance fantasies, there’s nothing sweeter than falling asleep in your partner’s warm, loving embrace. However, for many couples, reality often paints a different picture. He snores, she steals the blankets, and both of you can never seem to agree on an ideal sleeping time. And all this, can affect the quality of your sleep – which also impacts your energy level, productivity and mood the next day. Traditionally, this...
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Children’s Bedtimes Across the Globe

Have you ever wondered if your child is sleeping at the “right time” every night? Well, the answer could be hearty “yes!” or a strong “heck nah!”, depending on where you live in the world. According to studies of children’s bedtimes, there is an over 2.5-hour difference between the sleeping times of children across nations – with New Zealanders tucking their little ones into bed before 7.30pm and Hong Kong...
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The Ghoulish Truth Behind Sleep Paralysis

According to Chinese folklore, this phenomenon occurs when a ghost is sleeping on top of you – pressing you down and not allowing you to move. In Fiji, the experience has an even more terrifying description – locals refer to it as, “kana tevoro”, or “being eaten by a demon”. Back in medieval times, people believed this was the work of an evil succubus attacking them in their dreams. Whatever...
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6 Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear

While sleeping naked may be a stretch for some, snoozing without underwear is common among both men and women in Singapore. And while the main reasons for going commando are usually comfort or convenience, there are proven health benefits to sleeping with one less layer of clothes. Here are some reasons why you may want to make sleeping without underwear an everyday occurrence. 1. Your bits can finally breathe! In...
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Latex Pillows: Benefits, FAQs & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Covered in this Ultimate Latex Pillow Buyer’s Guide: What are Latex Pillows? Where can I find Authentic, Natural and Reputable Latex Pillows? What are the Benefits and Features of Latex Pillows? Which Pillow Material Type Should I Choose? How do Latex Pillows Measure Up vs Memory Foam, Micro Fibre, Polyester, Down/Feather Pillows? How to Choose a Latex Pillow that Suits You: Types of Sleepers and Positions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)...
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Are You A Celebrity… Sleeper?

“Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep.” - Beyoncé. Many celebrities preach the benefits of sleep and swear by it. Nonetheless, some celebrity sleep habits are stranger than others! How many hours of sleep do you get every night? We have all heard of the magic number 8 when it comes to optimal sleep hours. However, our lifestyles...
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Is it Possible to Sleep “Too Much”? (Spoiler: Yes, it is!)

Don’t you wish that sleeping in was an option that wasn’t exclusive to weekends? After all, what could be more heavenly than snoozing soundly for 10 hours (or more) every day? Here’s a reality check. For some people, sleeping 10 to 12 hours isn’t an option – it’s a requirement. Anything less, and they go through their day feeling listless, lethargic and unmotivated to get things done. Welcome to the...
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Early Birds vs Night Owls: What’s Better for Health and Productivity?

Did you know that Michelle Obama and Mark Zuckerberg are polar opposites in one very important area of their lives? We’re not talking about political affiliations, but rather… their sleep patterns! One’s a night owl, while the other is an early bird. (Can you guess who?) You’re probably aware of some differences between these two groups of people – but does one side have the advantage over the other? (And...
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Is the Snooze Button Destroying Your Life?

Do you wish you had more energy, drive or discipline in your life? Are you going through your workdays tired and listless, and want more ambition to get your going? The issue may not lie with you being “lazy” or “unambitious”. It could be an enemy that’s disguised as a friend…… the snooze button. The Snooze Button Kills Productivity Did you know that hitting the snooze button, even once, instantly...
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Is Your Teen Lazy? Or is it Biology?

For many parents, waking their teenage kid up for school can be one of the most exhausting parts of their day. And if you’re one of these parents, you’ll understand the amount of nudging, shaking and alarm-ringing it takes to wake a sleepy school-going teen. But are teenagers really as lazy as their morning routines suggest? Or is there more than meets the eye? According to science, the problem may...
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