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5 ways to get better at sleeping

In an effort to upgrade our health and improve our lives, most of us try to train ourselves to exercise more frequently or eat less junk food. However, getting better at sleeping plays a significant part in our everyday wellness. Here are 5 simple ways you can change the way you rest and get more out of your sleep:

1. Sleep around the same time nightly

Regulating your bedtime trains your body to recognise that it needs to sleep. Your brain will start to shift into “sleepy mode” within an hour before your bedtime. If you’re having to work overtime or stay up late for a football match, consider catching up on lost sleep over the weekends or with power naps no longer than 20 minutes during the day.

2. Get your coffee fix earlier in the day

The caffeine effects from the Kopi and Teh you drank at 10am is going to be in you for up to 12 hours. Likewise, having a cigarette, nightcap or heavy supper could cause disruptions to your sleep time.

3. Move that desk out

Doing work in your bedroom could result in a cognitive association between that room and work. Resulting in those sleepless nights where you think about work in bed or worry about the next day.

4. Breathe

Sufficient ventilation with good air circulation is one of the most important factors. Breathable bed-linen, manchester and quilting can significantly improve comfort levels. Good air exchange is also important with the fabrics and materials in direct contact with your skin. This helps prevent excessive moisture build-up that often results in the “stuffy” and “flustered” feeling.

5. Regulate the temperature

As most inhabitants of a tropical equatorial country, we experience a hot yet humid climate. Air conditioners often take away some of the dampness, but as a result, many people also crank the temperature to below 18 degrees. This not only strains the power bill by making the air conditioner work harder to cool the room, but also result in the sleeper having to use unnecessarily thick blankets and quilts.

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