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A good mattress is a knockout deal.

Sofzsleep is a company driven by our values with a passion for quality sleep. Let's put the matter to rest — you’ll find our products higher in value and lower in price compared to competing brands and institutions.

About Us

Our goal is to create more value for our customers by placing greater emphasis on the products we develop, cutting waste as well as minimizing advertising on excessive brand marketing. Every product we design aims to be long-lasting and ultimately enabling optimum rest.

Our Mission

Sofzsleep’s mission is to continually manufacture products of the highest possible standards. We bring our technological expertise and the best natural materials available, together with contemporary design aesthetic, to provide maximum comfort and optimal body support, at the most competitive price.

Our Commitment

To us, customer service is of paramount importance. We treat our customers with great respect and deal with any after-sales issues promptly, professionally and efficiently. We are always happy to talk and we mean it, contact us if you have any questions about choosing the right mattress, or any other aspect of getting a great night’s sleep.

Our history

The founders of Sofzsleep have worked in the Belgian mattress supply industry for over 21 years and the company has grown from strength to strength.

Having supplied to a diverse range of industries from homes to hospitals, they observed how the well-being of a person was impacted by certain grades of mattresses. It became evident that far too few people were aware of the prevalence of unhealthy and inferior mattresses; let alone how to identify a quality mattress.

Perhaps the mattress industry as a whole, fears change. The advertising dollars spent pushing spring and memory foam to consumers would be wasted. Maybe this is one of the factors that the mattress industry has not keen to educate its customers about the advantages of a simpler, yet more beneficial, latex mattress.

It is also likely that market leaders in the industry are also reluctant to switch to latex material as they want to maximize outputs of their spring making machines.

This reserved knowledge of the benefits of latex became more pronounced as more spring-based mattress companies started to add latex topper layers on their spring components. Perhaps to try and attract more discerning customers looking for a latex mattresses.

Generally speaking, mattresses today could be said to be rather excessive and over-complicated, laden with advertising gimmicks and stuffed with a host of ambiguous, likely synthetic materials that do not aerate well. It is Sofzsleep’s vision to educate and help customers, contact us if you have any questions about choosing the right mattress, or any other aspect of getting a great night’s sleep.