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Benefits of Using a Baby Pillow

There have been several concerns about the necessity of a baby pillow. Does a baby need it? What is the right age to introduce it to your baby? Some parents feel it is not ideal for a baby to use a pillow, while others have argued for its use. First-time parents are often left wondering if they should use the baby pillow, or stay away from it.

The Right Age to Start Using a Baby Pillow

When a baby is born, all the body parts are aligned, so there is no need to use a pillow. However, when the child approaches the third month, he or she gains enough strength to raise the head. At this age, the spine also starts bending forwards in preparation for the sitting milestone. Using a pillow at this age helps to maintain the bend psychologically. This ensures the baby remains comfortable without straining to sit up as the body demands.

A baby pillow should have a height of at least 3cm and adjusted gradually as the baby develops. The length of the baby’s pillow should be as broad as the baby’s shoulder. This will ensure the baby gets the right support, with no strain on the body.

Advantages of Getting Your Baby a Pillow

Avoiding Flat-head Syndrome

For a newborn, the head is one of the most delicate parts of the body. During the first few months, babies sleep for long hours. It is, therefore, not unusual for parents to worry about sleeping positions, and the effect they will have on the shape of their child’s head. The flat-head syndrome is one of the outcomes of the baby lying flat on his back for too long.

Most manufacturers of baby pillows point out the importance of using pillows to prevent the flat-head syndrome. It is, however, essential for parents to remain cautious about the type of pillow they buy. The pillows need to be the right height and shaped to fit the baby’s head comfortably.

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Even Temperature Distribution Around the Head

Newborns can sometimes sleep for hours before they wake up for a feed. Singapore’s weather makes it a little challenging to keep the baby comfortable. Keeping the head raised ensures the baby doesn’t sweat too much on one side, leading to discomfort. An evenly distributed temperature ensures your baby sleeps longer and wakes up well-rested. Remember, sleep is crucial for a baby’s development. Interrupted sleep because of heat will leave the baby cranky, and you, exhausted.

Improves Blood Circulation

Development is critical, particularly in the first year of a child’s life. Brain development relies heavily on blood circulation. A baby pillow ensures adequate movement of blood to the brain and the other developing body organs. It is, however, essential to note the type of pillow you pick is crucial during this period. Not all baby pillows in the market are perfect for your child. The pillow should not alter the baby’s natural posture, when asleep or awake. It should only make your baby more comfortable, especially when he is exploring his surroundings.  

Some parents wrongly believe that a hard pillow will help to make the baby’s skull tough. This is a misconception that can severely affect the baby’s development, especially if a hard pillow is used for a long time. If you would like to see your baby comfortable and content, you need to choose the right baby pillow.

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