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Bolster Benefits: 6 Surprising Ways a Bolster Can Change Your Life

Are you a “bolster person”?

While bolsters are most known for their soothing comfort, they also bring many other positive benefits to our lives. Here are six surprising ways your bolster can – or perhaps already is – “bolstering” your life!

#1: Reduces snoring

Frequent snorers (and their partners) know that lying on your back is a recipe for disaster, and a sure way to start snoring – which can wreak havoc on your sleep and your throat. Here’s a simple fix – just turn to your side and hug a bolster to sleep!

Sleeping on your side with a bolster prevents the base of your tongue and soft palate from blocking your airway, allowing you to sleep soundly and without snoring.

#2: For babies

Bolsters can also act as safety devices for babies! To prevent your little one from bumping into the side of their crib while they’re asleep, place a few smaller-sized bolsters around the edge to act as plush “shock absorbers”.

In addition to giving you more assurance, your baby will feel more secure too – which will help your child sleep more comfortably throughout the night. (Which means more restful hours for you too.)

#3: Guides you into a correct body posture

Sleeping with a bolster naturally places you into a more natural position for sleeping and can help to give our bodies some much-needed relief – especially as many modern folks spend most of our days hunched over as we look at our laptops, smartphones, and other devices. Ouch!

Fun fact: Did you know that sleeping on your stomach is the considered the worst sleep posture? It results in lower quality sleep, most restless nights, and decreased energy levels the next day. If you’re a stomach sleeper who suffers from a lack of energy, try hugging a bolster in bed and sleeping on your side. You should notice a boost to your energy levels within a few weeks (or even sooner).

#4: Therapy for aching backs

Backaches are a common issue for many working adults, especially as we live sedentary, desk-bound lives. One helpful way to alleviate back pain is simply by lying flat on a supportive bed (preferably on a luxuriously comfortable latex mattress) with your face looking towards the ceiling and placing a bolster under your thighs.

This can help to take weight off your back, while restoring the natural curve in your lower back – giving you some much-needed relief.

#5: Soothes tummy aches and bloated stomachs

Bolsters are also surprisingly good at relieving an upset stomach, especially if it’s caused by bloating. The next time you regret taking that “one last round” of food at your family gathering, try laying on your left side while hugging your bolster.

This position encourages the flow of waste through our body and can relieve gas, constipation, and other gastrointestinal issues – effectively soothing your stomach.

#6: Supports your yoga practise

At intermediate and advanced levels of yoga, some poses can put a strain on your body – and may even result in injury, if safety precautions (like props) aren’t used while learning the poses.

A prop that’s commonly used by yoga practitioners at home is a bolster – which can be used to safely support the back of the head or placed under the legs. (When supporting the head, a bolster may even be preferable to a wooden block, as it provides more comfort.)

Are all bolsters made equal? (How to choose a bolster)

When looking for a bolster, it’s important to choose one that provides an optimal mix of snuggly comfort and supportive rigidity.

Sofzsleep’s latex bolsters are designed with these two factors in mind – their ultra-soft feel makes them the perfect “snuggle buddy” at night, while their firm latex body ensures that your bolster retains its shape over time – and continues to deliver all the benefits mentioned above, for many months and years ahead.

Feel the latex difference – and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality bolster in your life – with a Sofzsleep latex bolster!