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Chronic Back Pain? These Overlooked Factors Could Be the Cause.

Is back pain affecting your everyday life? If so, you’re not alone.

According to an observational study form Changi General Hospital, a staggering 60% to 90% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives – with half this number consisting of working adults.

Why your sudden onset of back pain, may not be so “sudden” after all

When it comes to back pain, one commonly overlooked factor is the aging process. As we age, our bodies lose some level of strength and recuperative abilities. This means everyday activities that used to be “totally fine”, can now lead to aches and pains.

These activities can include:

Prolonged sitting

Sitting for hours at a time can result in a lack of blood circulation to the muscles in the back and cause a build-up of pressure as other muscles overcompensate. The end result? Pain and aches along – and across – the back.

Improper posture

Slouching can cause us to overuse and strain certain muscle groups while sitting. While we may not notice the effects of bad posture on a day-to-day basis, over time, improper posture (like slouching) can create pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.


Stress can cause your body to tense up, and often occurs in the neck, shoulders and down the spine. Constant and prolonged periods of stress can end up turning into back pain, without you realising where it came from!

Sitting and sleeping on very soft surfaces

While ultra-soft and cushioned sofas and beds feel amazing when your back is strong and healthy, soft cushions and mattresses also ask more of the back muscles, which have to work a little harder to maintain your body’s proper posture.

If you’ve had the same mattress for a decade and are feeling back pain now, take note. Two things could be happening – one, your mattress may be losing its supportiveness, and two, your aging body might need a firmer mattress for better back health.

How to cure chronic back pain

Our first recommendation would be to find a solution for your back pain before it becomes chronic! At an early stage, back pain may be cured in days or a few weeks (with the right care and treatment). Later, it may take several months to get the same results.

With that said, it’s better late than never! These are our top recommendations for curing your back pain for good.

Maintain a healthy weight

Carrying around extra weight (especially in the tummy) can place added stress on your back as you go about your everyday activities. So if this applies to you, shedding those extra kilos could be a good place to start. As a bonus, you’ll also be taking a positive step towards better overall health.

Take regular “standing breaks” at work

Do you get lost in your work, only getting up for lunch and when it’s time to head home? Experts recommend standing for at least 5 minutes every hour (although 15 minutes is preferable), so your muscles can get movement, which promotes blood circulation. If you’ve been stressing for most of the hour, this short “standing break” also allows those tense muscles to ease up.

What’s the best way to get yourself moving regularly? Drink lots of water. You’ll go for toilet breaks more often, while ensuring you’re well hydrated – which also helps to improve your general wellness!

Physiotherapy and stretching

If you’ve reached “chronic back pain” status, we recommend getting professional help to speed up recovery. A good physiotherapist will help you identify weak spots and give you exercises to strength these areas, while a stretch specialist can spot tight muscles and teach you to stretch them for effective relief.

Both options are pricey, with each visit easily costing between $180 to $220. But living with chronic back pain will cost you even more, in terms of an increasingly limited lifestyle!

Get a supportive mattress

Feeling like your back isn’t as young as it used to be? Now’s the time to change your mattress. And if you think that this decision can “wait a few years”, know the cost of physio and stretch therapy sessions can easily add up to the cost of a new mattress!

Remember, we spend 1/3 of our lives on our bed, so this is a key factor in ensuring your back gets – and stays – healthy and pain-free.

Among our Sofzsleep latex mattress range, we highly recommend the Grand and Chiro mattresses, which are our firm and extra-firm mattresses. These provide exceptional tension relief, spinal alignment, and pressure distribution – and can be a lifesaver for anyone with back issues.

Or if can’t decide between a firm, medium or plush mattress, our Trilogy latex mattress is your perfect choice. The innovative Trilogy mattress contains three interchangeable layers which you can swap around at any time – so you can sleep on a soft and cushioned mattress when your back is feeling great, and switch it up to something firmer when your body needs the added support.