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Does the “Best Mattress in the World” Exist?

Are you tired of waking up tired every day? So much so, that you’re willing to pay any amount of money to purchase the world’s best mattress and finally get a fantastic night’s sleep?

If so, you may be here looking for the answer to that single, crucial question……

“Which mattress is the best in the world?”

Apologies for the disappointment, but we don’t have an answer for you – simply because there isn’t one. That’s because the best mattress in the world is the one that perfectly suits your body’s needs, and this is exclusive to you. Simply put, your slice of heavenly bliss, could be someone else’s bed of nails.

We can, however, offer you some advice for finding your “perfect mattress”. Because everyone deserves a great night’s sleep.

Tips for choosing your ideal mattress

Feel first, price second

It can be tempting to think that the more expensive a mattress is, the better it’ll be for you. Not necessarily. More expensive mattresses could be made with more premium materials, but that won’t mean a thing if the mattress doesn’t feel very comfortable to you.

When trying out mattresses, we recommend letting the salesperson know your budget, then trying all the mattresses within that budget – without once thinking about the price or letting it influence your decision in any way.

Always “try”, before “buy”

One generation ago, this would have been odd advice – but the rise in popularity of online shopping and “mattress in a box” concepts have made this one of the top tips for anyone shopping for a mattress today.

Always, always try a mattress at a showroom before making a purchase decision. And don’t just sit on it either, go full on and lie down on the mattress in your favourite sleeping positions – whether it’s flat on your back, on your side, or something else. Remember, online photos and videos can give you a peek at the mattress, but it’s your personal comfort level and “feel” that matters most!

First-hand, never second!

Thinking of saving some money and getting a second-hand mattress? Think again! These mattresses can be home to bed bugs and their faeces, as well as dirt, bodily fluids and other “second-hand matter” that you wouldn’t want to sleep with.

Don’t believe us? Check out this clip of Gordon Ramsey using a blue light on a hotel’s mattress. This could be what you’re sleeping on, should you choose to pick up someone’s hand-me-downs.

We understand that a good mattress can be pricy, but it’s a worthwhile investment for your health, energy and life – and it’s an investment that will last for years!

Fun fact: Spring mattresses typically have a lifespan of 5 to 6 years, foam mattresses survive around 6 to 7 years, and quality Sofzsleep latex mattresses typically last between 10 to 25 years. (Our 10-year guarantee is a mark of our confidence in the quality and durability of our products.)

Trends fade, loyalty lasts

In today’s e-commerce era, it’s easy to be sucked into marketing spiel and get excited for trends like the convenience of ordering a “mattress in a box” online, or clicking “buy now” on the thickest, most plush-looking mattress you can find on digital stores.

Before doing so, check out the brand’s history. Do they have an established reputation for manufacturing comfortable, hygienic, and high-quality mattresses that last? Or are real-life users reporting less-than-amazing experiences with their products? Or worse, are they actually mattress manufacturers, or simply putting their logo on a white-label (i.e., brandless) mattress and selling it to you as a premium product?

Visit our showrooms and have a rest!

Interested in experiencing the plush comfort and supportive qualities of Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses? Visit our showrooms and try our line-up of mattresses for adults, children and babies – and choose your personal “best mattress in the world”!