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We acquire our latex from premium grade sap sourced from South-East Asian rubber plantations.

Our manufacturing plant is in Belgium, our principal latex supplier is Latexco. Premium grade sap from specially selected rubber plantations are sent directly to our factory in Belgium.

Upon arrival, the raw rubber sap is mixed into a compound. Compressed air is added to the compound to work it into a foam. The desired mold is filled with the latex foam by robotic automation to obtain an even distribution of the latex in the mold. The mold closes and enters a vulcanization oven. The form is then “baked” at 100 degrees centigrade to solidify into our Core. The finished Core is thoroughly washed to remove any residue and rigorously dried to remove all moisture. Consistency, firmness, visual and weight inspections ensue in our quality control process. Approved products are sent to our Asian assembly plant for cutting and finishing to various sizes.

Among many of its other positive traits, latex as a material is primarily anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and excellent at body heat management.

Latex is ideal for allergy sufferers. It is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies. No artificial or chemical materials are added to provide these benefits.

Our products are rigorously benchmarked internationally, assuring you bedding products of the highest standards. Sofzsleep latex components and mattress fabric are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. This is the strictest certification and ensures that they comply with health standard and are safe even for babies. Our products also conform to the EuroLatex Eco Standard, which defines the maximum acceptable limits of substances considered harmful to health.

Sofzsleep latex pillow and Bamboo cover have also been tested by Intertek, a global renowned laboratory. They were certified to be free from formaldehyde, organic tin, azo dyes, Nonylphenol (NP) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEO) – CNS15290. Our products have also been awarded the LGA, thus ensuring that our mattresses excel in both durability and elasticity and comply with the durability criteria for the award of the Ecolabel according to the European guideline (2002/740/EC). For more information on our awards and certifications, please visit our Certifications page.

Traditionally, the Dunlop process has been in use to manufacture latex products since 1929. The viscous rubber serum is baked in steam after being frothed and molded. The process naturally causes heavier particles to sink to the bottom of the mold, resulting in the bottom-side of the mattress to be firmer than the top.

In contrast, the Talalay process has a couple of added steps. Prior to the vulcanization process, the mold is vacuum sealed and rapidly frozen. This creates an environment where the sediments and particles within the mold are more consistently distributed, resulting in a more consistent cell structure from top to bottom and edge to edge.

The reality is that neither is superior to the other. They are merely different manufacturing methods. However, generally speaking, a Dunlop mattress tend to be denser producing a slightly firmer experience as opposed to the softer and more subtle Talalay mattress.

Price wise, the cost of a Talalay mattress is often greater than that of a Dunlop mattress because of the additional steps taken during the manufacturing process.

Your bed loves you, and you know that! An occasional flip or rotation every 6 months can give your mattress’ lifespan a boost. Love it back by flipping or rotating it so it can keep loving you for many years more.

While you are shopping for mattresses, you will see many brands who use Bamboo fabric for their mattress cover. Are all Bamboo fabric the same? The answer is an absolute no! Many fabric suppliers who use only 1 to 3% of Bamboo with the remaining 97 to 99% will claim that theirs is a Bamboo fabric. So, how can you tell the difference? It is actually quite hard for a layman but if you were to hold the fabric in your hand, the one with a higher content of Bamboo will weigh heavier than the one with only 3%. Also, a fabric with a high content of Bamboo feels much cooler to your touch than one which has a miniscule Bamboo content.

Sofzsleep’s Bamboo fabric is made with 43% bamboo, 57% polyester.

There is a visual trend among many manufacturers to produce “fatter” or thicker mattresses to appear more plush and impressive.

The appearance of a thick mattress may appear impressive but can be deceiving in terms of providing actual comfort and support. It is not unusual for mattress manufacturers to make their mattresses look extra plush by adding layers of oddball substances such as memory form, horse hair and even coconut husk. Thickness is often just a visual ploy designed to get people to think they’re buying a luxurious mattress when in actuality it could very well be questionable materials wrapped in a pretty quitted pattern. The rationale for sleeping on these anomalous materials for as long as 5 to 10 years is highly questionable.

It is best to listen to your body and find the bed experience that feels the most comfortable. For an average person with weight between 60-80kg, a 20-24cm mattress should have achieved above average for overall satisfaction. Latex mattresses are generally heavier. Latex mattress is best known for its optimal support and comfort. More importantly, health-certified latex products do not contain harmful substances, produce toxic emissions and can last for many years.

Sofzsleep uses only 100% latex in our mattress. It is like sleeping on millions of interconnected “micro springs” that provide exceptional, contouring support and pressure relieving comfort. Sleeping on a Sofzsleep bedding will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

The latex core does not contain any other parts (metal springs, foams or other inserts). There is no risk of getting irradiated from the metallic springs. Our customers can easily open up the cover to see for themselves with our very special removable Bamboo and Coolmax® covers.

Perhaps it is human nature to resist a change. Despite loving your new mattress in the store, you might not sleep better on it on the first night at home. Generally speaking, it usually takes a couple of days for your body to adjust on a new sleeping surface.

If the first night on a new mattress does not radically transform your sleep quality, we strongly suggest giving it a few more nights before completely giving in to buyer’s remorse. This is particularly important to bear in mind when you switch up from a conventional mattress to a latex mattress for the first time. It is also good to note that your initial experience with a latex mattress is likely to be “softer” in comparison to conventional mattresses.

Compared to traditional mattresses, latex mattresses have a complex and dense cellular structure which makes it more lasting, maintaining a level of rigidity. The tensile strength of latex makes it is extremely resilient and much less likely to compress over time.

This is largely due to the “kick back” factor – try pushing your fist with a punching motion into a latex mattress and releasing; you’ll find the mattress bounces back and regains its shape almost immediately. However, in a case of individual preference, there is certainly no harm rotating or even flipping the mattress once every six months, some find it as habitual as fluffing pillows.

Certainly. One of the beneficial properties of sleeping on a 100% pure latex mattress is that it is an incredibly fine balance of support without feeling excessively hard. It contours and molds to the shape of the sleeper’s body whilst reducing pressure exerting points. The experience is often described as “sleeping on millions of micro-springs”.

Yes, of course. Babies and young children have more body surface than body weight. When surrounding temperatures are higher than body temperatures, children and small body masses tend to gain heat faster than full-grown adults. Children and babies also have immature sweating mechanisms, inhibiting them from getting rid of excess heat in their bodies.

To address this, Sofzsleep mattress cores are paired with various breathable and temperature regulating fibre cover options. Our current ranges come with Bamboo and Coolmax® options that not only provide a plush feel, but also keep the body pleasantly cool and fresh.

Absolutely. We believe that your desired sleeping system should match your needs and not the other way round.

With Latex, it is possible to tailor made your mattress such that it meets your size and height, your preferences in firmness. Sofzsleep offers this flexibility to our customers.

For example, if you have a bed frame that is imported from Europe, United States or Australia, we can help by customizing the mattress to specially fit your bed frame.

Additionally, if you and your partner have different preference in the firmness for which you wish to sleep on, we offer a “For Him / For Her” mix-and-match option, allowing for a mattress with two different firmness ratings on the same side.

For customers with even more specific needs, we offer multi-zoned mattress that will better match their requirements in softness/firmness.

Get in touch with us and let us help you sleep better!

Do put the mattress on a new or supportive mattress base. An old foundation unit may not provide sufficient support. Do use a good cover to protect your mattress at all times to avoid stains.

If your mattress has a removable cover, use only a professional dry cleaning service to clean the cover. We recommend you to clean your mattress cover at least once a year.

Do carton and protect your mattress when moving. Ventilate your bedroom regularly so as to reduce humidity. Do replace your mattress every ten years, if it is used in a normal way.

Keep the pillow clean with an additional pillow case. Washing of pillow is not recommended. If you really need to wash your pillow, please follow these instructions: Do not use any detergent or bleach.

Spot cleaning with water and press between towels to remove water. Hair dryer can be used to dry the pillow further. Do not spin or tumble dry. Do not expose latex to direct sunlight.

All Sofzsleep mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty (for full sized mattresses) and a 3-year warranty (for cot/playpen mattresses and toppers) against material and manufacturing defects whether you have purchased your product directly from Sofzsleep or one of our authorised resellers. This period runs from the original date of purchase that is mentioned on the proof of purchase of your mattress.

Repair or replacement of the mattress does not extend its limited warranty or begin a new limited warranty period.

This warranty is provided only to the original purchaser.  Sofzsleep guarantees that its mattresses comply with the European Eco-label Standard for bed mattresses as described by the European Commission 2009/598/EC dated 9 July 2009.  This standard determines that a mattress core should not lose more than 15% height, measured according to test method EN1957.

Should any manufacturing defects be found on the mattress within the first year of purchase, replacement or repair will be provided without charge, excluding transport cost. Sofzsleep reserves the right to substitute comparable materials or models and does not guarantee that the replacement will match the existing piece.

Should any manufacturing defects develop after the first year of purchase, any repair or replacement will be made at a charge of 1/10th of the prevailing list price multiplied by the total number of years owned, plus transport charges.

Mattress cover (inner and outer cover and zip).  In particular, shrinkage or damage of mattress cover due to cleaning/ washing of cover is excluded from the warranty.

Mattress fabric colour and design variance.

General loss of comfort and firmness that happens naturally over time.

Mattress size that is within the tolerance level of ±2cm in width and length.

All deformations or damage due to inappropriate application, intentional damage, exposure to abnormal humidity or heat, fungi, other contamination of human or animal origin, wear or discoloration are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is strictly under the condition that the mattress is properly covered with fabrics, kept in a cool and dry conditions without exposure to direct sunlight.

Damage caused by use on a foundation that is uneven or a failing bed base is not covered by this warranty. A foundation that is too hard, too soft, not supportive, or restricts air circulation may damage your mattress and void this warranty. Correct mattress support is an important element in providing long life for mattress.

The warranty does not cover any mattress that is stained, soiled, or infested with vermin, dust mites or bed bugs.

Warranty becomes void if repairs were done by 3rd parties.

Transportation, inspection, or removal costs of product are not included in the warranty.

Proof of original purchase must be verified with a sales receipt/ invoice. This is needed to determine original date of purchase. Customer should contact Sofzsleep through email with detailed address information, with attached images of receipt/invoice for us to ascertain the validity of claim.

No worries, we’re happy to help. If you have a particular inquiry or comment, please contact us using the information below.

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