Guide To Mattress Sizes In Singapore

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The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life. Hence, it only makes sense to come to an informed decision by considering factors such as your body size, sleeping habits, bedroom size and mattress size.

What Mattress Size Do You Need?

Did you know that mattress sizes vary from country to country even though they could be labeled the same as a Queen or King? For instance, a Queen size mattress in Japan is 160 cm x 195 cm whereas a Queen size mattress in Singapore is 190 x 150 cm.  Therefore, do not buy your mattress based on the size labeling of Single, Super Single, Queen or King, – take note of the exact mattress dimensions and make sure that it fits your bed frame.

To ensure that you choose the right mattress size for restful sleep, we’ve compiled a list of mattress size options and their various measurements for a quick comparison of mattress sizes in Singapore.

Single Size Mattresses

A Single size mattress in Singapore is 90cm wide and 190cm long. Three advantages of a Single size mattress are:  

  1. It takes up less space in the room – great for rooms in small flats!
  2. It costs less than a larger sized mattress
  3. It provides a reasonably comfortable sleeping size for adults and children

An average person moves more than 40 times a night, which includes a dozen full body turns.  Consequently, the mattress size that you choose needs to accommodate your body movements in a way that does not affect your sleep quality.

For an adult and a teenager of a bigger build, a single size mattress, being only 90 cm in width may not provide enough room for turning from side to side.  Hence, before placing your order for a single size mattress consider your sleeping habits and whether you have enough space for movement.  Purchasing a mattress that restricts your movement may reduce your sleep quality.

single size mattress and super single size mattress dimensions


Super Single Size Mattresses

A Super Single size mattress is about 20% wider than the Single size mattress. It is 107cm wide and 190cm long. If your room is spacious enough, opting for this mattress size is an excellent choice. Here are two reasons you might want to buy a Super Single size mattress:

  1. It improves sleep quality with more space for tossing and turning
  2. In most cases, the difference in price that you pay compared to a single size mattress is low compared to the extra space and comfort that you can enjoy.

Here’s an interesting fact about Super Single size mattresses.  Besides Singapore, only Japan and China offer Super Single Size mattresses, although the measurements differ slightly from those in Singapore. In Japan, it measures 110cm by 195cm, while in China, it measures 100cm x 200cm.

This is exactly why it is good to order a mattress based on exact measurements rather than size labels, like Single, Super Single, Queen and King.  Even for countries that are geographically close to each other, mattress sizes vary. Imagine the horror of ordering a mattress that does not fit your bed frame.


Queen Size Mattresses

Measuring 150cm by 190cm, the Queen size mattress is one of the most popular mattress sizes in Singapore.  The Queen size mattress is an ideal size for the following reasons:

  1. It offers a comfortable sleeping space for one person
  2. It is wide enough for two persons to share
  3. It can fit in most master bedrooms of HDB flats and private apartments.

On the other hand, a Queen size mattress may not be partner friendly.  Sharing a sleeping zone of 150 cm means that each person gets about 75 cm.  When one partner moves, the other partner may be disturbed, resulting in a less restful sleep. Also, 75 cm of sleeping space is less comfortable than a single size mattress space of 90 cm for one person.

queen size mattress and king size mattress dimensions


King Size Mattresses

Measuring 180cm by 190cm, the King size mattress is an excellent choice for couples, especially those who intend to co-sleep with a child.

  1. It allows each partner adequate space to move around
  2. It gives allowance to accommodate a child if needed
  3. It is a luxury for adults who sleep alone with plenty of space for tossing and turning

When it comes to bed sharing, everyone has their personal preferences. Sometimes, one person gives in to the other – but this isn’t a recommended solution as sleeping on a mattress that isn’t as supportive or soft as you’d like, can be more than a minor inconvenience. Backaches, headaches and sleepless nights can cause problems that will affect one person’s health and mood – and could lead to unhappiness in the relationship.

Finding a common ground is a better solution, although it isn’t optimal either, as neither partner gets to sleep on a mattress they love. But is there another solution?

Yes, there is! Why compromise when you can get the best of both worlds?  With a built-to-order, customized latex mattress that features two differing levels of firmness, both you and your partner can enjoy a mattress that offers the perfect amount of support, comfort of firmness – for each of you.

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