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Pet Peeves in the Bedroom (and How to Solve Them)

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a sneak peek into the most private part of a couple’s lives… THE BEDROOM.

This is where couples spend time resting, playing, getting naughty and of course, getting lots of restful sleeping. Except… for many couples, sleep can be anything but “restful” – especially when him and her have differing sleeping habits.

If your partner makes you feel like you’re from Mars (while you think they’re from Venus), then you’ll understand these common issues that couples often face in the bedroom.

She likes it hard | He wants it soft and snuggly

When it comes to mattress firmness, everyone has their personal preferences. Sometimes, one side gives in to the other – but this isn’t a recommended solution as sleeping on a mattress that isn’t as supportive or soft as you’d like, can be more than a minor inconvenience. Backaches, headaches and sleepless nights can cause problems that will affect one person’s health and mood – and could lead to unhappiness in the relationship.

Finding a common ground is a better solution, although it isn’t optimal either, as neither partner gets to sleep on a mattress they love. But is there another solution?

Yes, there is! Why compromise when you can get the best of both worlds? With a built-to-order, customised latex mattress that features two differing levels of firmness, both you and your partner can enjoy a mattress that offers the perfect amount of support, comfort of firmness – for each of you.

He wants to turn the heat on | She’s an ice queen

Our preferred sleeping temperatures often influences our choice of bed covers. While some of us may love the feeling of pulling a thick comforter over ourselves and feeling all warm and snuggly, others may prefer the feeling of sleeping with the security of being under the covers – minus the heat.

Here’s a quick and surprisingly simple fix for couples who face this issue – just get a flat sheet and a comforter. Place your flat sheet over the bed and the comforter above it. When you go to sleep, the person who enjoys the cool night breeze can sleep covered with the flat sheet, while the partner who prefers the warmth can use both the sheet and comforter.

A discomforting tug of war

One of the most played-out gags in dramas and movies is the “comforter tug of war” that goes on between couples – both struggling to wrestle the comforter over to their side of the bed, while still soundly asleep (until the loser wakes up from the cold, then snatches the comforter back to their side).

For some couples, this “battle” is a nightly affair with no real winner.

Rather than “sleep fighting”, why not choose an extra-large comforter that’s perfect for two? While it’s common practice to choose a comforter based on the size of your bed, this isn’t a rule that’s cast in stone. After all, comforters are made to bring comfort to people as they sleep – so why not choose an adequately-sized comforter that will allow you and your partner to do just that?

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?

With these simple tweaks, you could make this Valentine’s Day (and every other day) a night of love and romance. No backaches, tug of wars, or drama – just blissful evenings of rest with lots of well-deserved sleep!

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