Accessories | Sofzsleep®


Sofzsleep bedding accessories provide exceptional, contouring support and pressure relieving comfort. The 'point elasticity' of our latex means that every part of your body gets individual support.

Bamboo Cover

Available for Sofzsleep® junior pillows, bolsters and cot mattresses.

Junior Bolster

Sofzsleep® junior latex bolster, so much more than a tube-shaped pillow.

Arc Pillow

Our Arc Latex Pillow is a unique latex headrest that offers optimal orthopaedic support in any sleep position.

Classic Pillow

Sofzsleep® classic latex pillow is the ideal choice for you if you tend to sleep on your stomach or for young children.

Design Pillow

Sofzsleep® Design Pillow comprises a plurality of upstanding knobs to relax neck and shoulder muscles

Contour Pillow

Sofzsleep® Contour Pillow is ergonomically designed with dual lobes to support the head and neck, maintaining a straight and natural posture.

Travel Contour Pillow

The same luxurious feel of the Sofzsleep® contour pillow available in a travel size.

Travel Classic Pillow

The same luxurious feel of the Sofzsleep® classic latex pillow available in a travel size.

Junior Pillow

Designed for the young ones positions, this pillow cradles the neck to provide comfortable support throughout the night.

Infant Pillow

The unique design of this pillow allows a infant’s head to be elevated very slightly to improve breathing and comfort.

Baby Donut

Sofzsleep Baby Donut helps babies develop a nice rounded head and aids in the prevention of Plagiocephaly.


Sofzsleep® latex bolster, a cylindrical shaped pillow, a versatile invention with numerous benefits.