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You'll be great in bed

Our full-sized latex mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes and firmness ratings. Browse our mattress collection and discover how you will be sleeping great in bed.


Our most luxurious latex mattress experience. Triple latex layered, separate inner covers for extra hygiene and a convenient zipped bamboo cover.


Firm with high resilience and breathability. Double latex layers, separate inner covers for convenience and an easily removable zip bamboo cover.


Low disturbance with consistent pressure distribution. Optimises back recuperation and ventilation during natural night movements.


Firm 100% latex mattress core. Micro-perforated plush topper. Quilted bamboo outer cover with 3D ventilation mesh and convenient zipper.


Medium firmness. 100% pure latex. Middle core provides the ultimate weight support and pressure distribution.


Firm 10cm mattress core. 100% latex. Washable COOLMAX® fabric with removable zip cover.

Latex Topper

Improves the quality of your sleep without you having to purchase a brand new mattress.