Cot Mattresses & Pillows for Babies

Create a safe and cool sleep environment for your baby! Made with premium quality latex that has millions of microscopic air holes, Sofzsleep crib mattresses and bedding products keep your little ones comfortably cool all night long and minimize the risk of suffocation.

Our baby mattresses are internationally certified for high quality and hygiene standards to give parents confidence, and for baby a long-lasting, healthy, and natural sleep. Toxic-free from formaldehydes, pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs, glue or flame retardants, our cot mattresses comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ensuring that there is no off-gassing of noxious fumes.

Our Babies’ Latex Mattress Collection


Firmness: Firm
Thickness: 7.5cm (3”) or 10cm (4”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric

Sizes Available:
• 120 x 60 cm
• 130 x 70 cm
• 140 x 70 cm

Recommended for: Babies

Cost: From $319

Our Baby Cot Mattress is designed with your baby’s health and safety in mind.  Made with an inner cover and a removable soft bamboo cover, it offers a natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic sleep environment.


Firmness: Firm
Thickness: 4cm (1.5″) or 7.5cm (3″)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric

Sizes Available:
• 96 x 66 cm

Recommended for: Babies

Cost: From $239

Our Playpen mattress is designed to give your baby sound sleep even when resting in the playpen. The high-quality, certified latex used ensures that our mattress is firm, breathable and provides the best support and safety for your baby.


Firmness: Medium
Thickness: 2.5 cm (1”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric

Sizes Available:
• 36 x 25 cm

Recommended for: 0 – 12 months.

Cost: $35.90

Our latex Infant Pillow is firm and designed to keep your infant’s head slightly elevated, when he’s down with a cold or stuffy nose to improve his breathing.


Firmness: Medium
Thickness: 5 cm (2”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric

Sizes Available:
• 29 x 25 cm

Recommended for: 3 – 24 months.

Cost: $41.90

Our special Baby Donut Latex Pillow features a moulded concave centre design that relieves pressure on your baby’s head and neck muscles, helping to prevent flat head syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly) in babies and infants.


Firmness: Soft
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric

Sizes Available:
• Junior Size: 60 x 10cm
• Kid Size: 75 x 15cm
• Adult Size: 95 x 21cm

Recommended for:
Junior Size: 3 – 36 months.
Kid Size: 3 – 10 years.

Cost: From $41.90

Our ‘spaghetti latex’ bolster simulates a mommy’s hug to give your little one a sense of security so that he can sleep soundly and enjoy more restful sleep.


Material: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric

Sizes Available:
• Available for all Sofzsleep Products

Cost: From $22.90

Our luxurious Bamboo Cover is ultrasoft, antibacterial and antifungal.  With its excellent permeability, our bamboo cover guarantees exceptional sleep comfort.   Great for those who want an extra cover to rotate with their current ones to prolong the lifespan of their pillows and mattresses.

Can’t seem to find the size that you’re looking for? Not to worry!
Customise your baby’s latex mattress to your exact specifications with us.

Can’t seem to find the size that you’re looking for? Not to worry! Customise your baby’s latex mattress o your exact specifications with us.

Mattress 101

What cot mattress size should I get for baby?

When getting the mattress and the crib separately, ensure that you take the exact measurements of the crib before purchasing the baby mattress.  If a custom made the mattress is required to fit your crib well, do factor in an extra lead time of 4-8 weeks for your purchase.  There should not be more than a 3cm (2 finger-size) gap between the side of the mattress and the crib frame. This ensure that your baby’s limbs will not get stuck in between, which may result in injury or suffocation.

What is the best firmness for a baby mattress?

Babies should always be placed to sleep on their backs on a firm mattress that offers ample support and a safe environment for your child.  A mattress which is too soft has a higher risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), but a mattress which is rock hard impedes natural spinal development.

Is latex mattress suitable for baby?

Our latex mattresses are breathable and cool, thanks to the open cell structure of latex and our highly ventilating fabrics that promote airflow and neutralize body heat. Our latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resist all sorts of allergens, like dust mites or pet dander, which can irritate the skin. The fully removable and cleanable cover ensures that your baby’s cot mattress stays fresh and hygienic for many years.

Is latex hot for babies to sleep on?

Latex is highly breathable with its millions of microscopic open cells structure.  The pin holes on the latex core also ensures a healthy airflow, allowing your little baby to experience a cool, comfortable sleep. 

How to make my cot mattress last longer?

· Wash your baby’s bed linens regularly

When we sleep; hair, body oil, sweat and skin cells seep into mattress – this makes it a breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria and dust mites. Hence it is best to wash your baby’s bedlinen once a week on high heat to keep the sleeping surface clean and free from any irritants.

Do make sure that the sheets are completely dry before replacing them on your mattress to prevent any mould or bacterial growth.

· Use a baby mattress protector

Protectors for baby mattresses are excellent at keeping dirt and dust away; and serve as a protective barrier against spills and stains. By keeping your child’s mattress clean and hygienic, it ensures for a longer-lasting, high-quality mattress.

· Make sure your baby’s mattress is properly supported

A good bed frame will help support the mattress well and prevent unnecessary stress and strains.

· Replace your baby’s mattress cover regularly

Yes, this is possible for Sofzsleep mattresses. A new mattress cover will give a new life to your baby’s mattress and allow it to grow with your baby.

We pledge to positively influence sleeping habits and raise expectations of “a good night’s rest” with our comfortable, durable, hygienic, and personalised mattresses.

The Sofzsleep Guarantee

All Sofzsleep mattresses are rigorously tested against international standards, assuring you bedding products of the highest standards.

Prioritising hygiene

All our latex mattresses come with zip covers for easy cleaning, and our latex is naturally inhospitable to dust creatures, fungi and bacteria (ensuring your mattress is chemical-free and allergen-free).

Making premium, affordable

We believe everyone deserves a wonderful night’s sleep. That’s why we price our products competitively, and deliver what we believe to be, the best value premium quality mattresses and bedroom accessories in the market.

A mattress for all body types

In our wide collection of mattresses, we believe you’ll find a mattress that fits your body’s needs, perfectly. Choose a mattress that already suits your preferences today or get one with interchangeable layers to swap as you please – it’s uniquely yours.

Minimising environmental impact

Every Sofzsleep latex mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and is expected to last between 10 to 25 years. This extended lifespan saves you money, while minimising your environmental footprint and meeting our commitment of being kind to the planet.

What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying

Hui Hui

We were looking for a cot mattress for our first baby and as eager parents, we wanted the best for our child. There are many latex brands out there but at last we decided on Sofzsleep as the latex mattress is made in Belgium.

Has no rubbery smell at all and is certified non-toxic. The soft and breathable bamboo cover was a plus point as well. We would definitely get another Sofzsleep mattress when our boy outgrows his cot mattress.



Carmen Yong

I will recommend my friends or mommies to buy their baby mattress. The material is so good that even my husband wish to sleep on it instead. Good texture, good premium latex, good material!


Bought the infant version and came back for the donut. Baby sleeps well thus buying a second one.


Baby seems to like it enough, latex has good ventilation to cool him on a sunny day in Singapore. Mattress is thick 10cm providing sufficient height and support.


I bought this bolster for my son when he was a baby and buying it again for my daughter.

My son still use it nowadays, he likes to hug it and squeeze it before bedtime. It’s so soft and very good quality, can last many many years.




Fits my Joie playpen nicely. My baby loves to sleep on this mattress, the firmness is just right for her and she gets long hours of uninterrupted sleep. Love it!

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