Children Mattresses for Kids

Assure your children with a latex mattress. Natively inhospitable to dust creatures, fungi and bacteria. Our premium latex is certified toxic-free with no formaldehydes, pesticides or other harmful gas-emitting chemicals and creepy crawlies.

Sofzsleep Delight Mattress


Firm core with plush topper. Provides excellent back support that contours to the curves of your body.

Sofzsleep Slick Mattress


Ideal for complete body support across your back, hips and shoulder; spreading body weight evenly and providing excellent pressure relief.

Sofzsleep Moonlight Mattress


Slim mattress catered for a multitude of bed frames and sizes.

Sofzsleep Starlight Mattress


Two mattresses in one – Flip between two firmness levels depending on your preference.

Sofzsleep Topper

Latex Topper

Enjoy the benefits of a latex mattress without throwing out your current mattress with this topper.

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