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Our latex mattresses are readily available in these sizes:

Singaporean Latex Mattress Size

  • SG King 190 x 180 cm
  • SG Queen 190 x 150 cm
  • SG Super Single 190 x 106 cm
  • SG Single 190 x 90 cm

European Latex Mattress Sizes

  • Super King 200 x 180 cm
  • EU King 200 x 160 cm
  • EU Single 200 x 90 cm

Can’t seem to find the mattress size for your kid from our list? Not to worry! Customise your latex mattress to your exact specifications with us. Investing in a premium latex mattress for your child ensures they receive optimal comfort and support as their bodies develop, promoting healthy spinal alignment and overall well-being.

Protect your child with a certified latex mattress. Natively inhospitable to dust creatures, fungi, and bacteria. Our premium latex is certified toxic-free with no formaldehydes, pesticides or other harmful gas-emitting chemicals and creepy crawlies.

Our Children’s Latex Mattress Collection


Firmness: Medium or Firm
Thickness: 19cm (7.5”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Plush knitted washable fabric
Recommended for: Kids > 8 years old

From $1399

Slick features 7 sleep zones, designed to provide specific support for every part of your body. Ideal for complete body support across your back, hips and shoulder; spreading body weight evenly and providing excellent pressure relief.

Perfect for children that like to sleep in multiple positions throughout the night. Plus, it is a top choice for parents seeking a children mattress that promotes healthy sleep habits and proper alignment.


Firmness: Firm
Thickness: 18 cm (7”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric
Recommended for: Kids > 4 years old

From $1399

The Delight latex mattress comes with plush topper on a firm core to provide excellent back support. The latex layers inside can be easily separated for sleepovers. Sleeping on the topper side or the firm layer side offers you a different firmness.

The mattress adapts perfectly to the contours of the body, providing tailored comfort for kids.


Firmness: Medium-Firm
Thickness: 14 cm (5.5”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover:  Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric
Recommended for: Kids 4 – 12 years old

From $999

Select the firmness according to your personal preference with our Starlight latex mattress. Switch firmness with just a flip, perfect for the growing child who may prefer a different mattress thickness when growing up, with a thickness and size made just right for bunk beds.

Switch firmness with just a flip, this mattress is perfect for the growing child who may prefer a different mattress thickness when growing up, with a thickness and size made just right for bunk beds.


Firmness: Firm
Thickness: 10 cm (4”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover:  Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric
Recommended for: 0 – 6 years old

From $729

Moonlight is perfect for pull-out beds or simply used as a floor mattress. The ideal latex mattress for young children and toddlers.

The basic design and easily removed mattress cover makes it easily cleaned, the most ideal for children who are in their potty-training stages.


Firmness: Soft/Medium/Firm
Thickness: 5 cm (2”)
Material: 100% Pure Latex
Mattress Cover: Breathable, ultra-soft and cool Bamboo fabric
Recommended for: All ages

From $519

For parents who are concerned that their child may roll off a bed, sleeping on the floor using a latex topper could be an option. It can be folded up for easy storage, hence perfect as a spare mattress as well.

Alter your mattress firmness without discarding your existing mattress. Available in Soft, Medium, Firm levels.

Mattress 101

Is a thick mattress good for my child?

There is no hard and fast rule on mattress thickness for children. But one thing for sure – regardless of the thickness, a supportive, pressure relief and breathable mattress is what your child needs. Most conventional mattresses are made with a layer of polyurethane foam on the top to plush up the look and make them look impressive.  However, PU Foam is hot to sleep on and may sag after one to two years of use. On the other hand, there’s a lot to love about a Sofzsleep latex mattress! They’re supportive, highly durable, hypoallergenic, comfortable, and cooling (which is important for sleeping well)!

For example, toddlers and young kids can sleep on a 10cm Moonlight or 14cm Starlight. As for older kids and teenagers, they can consider a thicker mattress i.e. 18cm Delight, 19cm Slick.

Or you can choose to customise a mattress for your child to almost any specifications here!

At what age should my baby leave the cot?

The recommended age for children to start sleeping on a bed and mattress, typically ranges from 18 to 36 months. However, every child is different – so look at your child’s size and if it’s time to move out of the cot, and onto a comfortable children’s mattress.

At what age should children transition to sleeping on their own bed/mattress?

Typically, children can start sleeping on their own single bed or mattress around 3 to 4 years old, when they demonstrate signs of readiness. This transition can be supported by providing a comfortable children’s mattress tailored to their needs.

Should I buy a new baby mattress or use a mattress that was handed down?

All mattresses lose some level of support and comfort after several years, which can affect the quality of your child’s sleep. What’s more, you probably don’t want your child sleeping on a few years of bacterial growth, mould and (someone else’s) dried up pee!

As a baby sleeps from 11 to 17 hours per day, to ensure quality sleep for your little one, we strongly encourage you to buy a new baby mattress.

Can a latex mattress improve allergy sufferers’ sleep?

All kinds of irritants on your child’s bed or mattress can disrupt their sleep. When a child suffers from allergies, it can be nerve wrecking.  Latex is primarily anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and excellent at body heat management. It is ideal for babies and children due to its natural hypo allergenicity, dust mite resistance, and antimicrobial properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies.

Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses come with an easily removable mattress covers that can be removed for cleaning in order to maintain a hygienic sleep environment for your child.

When should I upgrade my child’s mattress?

It is important to give the child plenty of room to stretch out and grow when sleeping. If you notice that your child’s feet or head brush the ends of the mattress frequently, it’s time to set them up with a full-size mattress. When the child has become heavier, a good mattress is needed in providing better sleep comfort and body support. Preferably involving your child to pick out their own mattress and bedding when shop in person, give them a sense of responsibilities and motivate them to sleep alone as a big child.

We pledge to positively influence sleeping habits and raise expectations of “a good night’s rest” with our comfortable, durable, hygienic, and personalised mattresses.

The Sofzsleep Guarantee

All Sofzsleep mattresses are rigorously tested against international standards, assuring you bedding products of the highest standards.

Prioritising hygiene

All our latex mattresses come with zip covers for easy cleaning, and our latex is naturally inhospitable to dust creatures, fungi and bacteria (ensuring your mattress is chemical-free and allergen-free).

Making premium, affordable

We believe everyone deserves a wonderful night’s sleep. That’s why we price our products competitively, and deliver what we believe to be, the best value premium quality mattresses and bedroom accessories in the market.

A mattress for all body types

In our wide collection of mattresses, we believe you’ll find a mattress that fits your body’s needs, perfectly. Choose a mattress that already suits your preferences today or get one with interchangeable layers to swap as you please – it’s uniquely yours.

Minimising environmental impact

Every Sofzsleep latex mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and is expected to last between 10 to 25 years. This extended lifespan saves you money, while minimising your environmental footprint and meeting our commitment of being kind to the planet.

What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying

Based on 76 reviews
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Ryumine TamanoRyumine Tamano
03:54 08 Jun 24
We absolutely love sofzsleep! Been sleeping comfortably for the past year we’ve been married and decided to get another single delight mattress and cot mattresses for our nursery. We genuinely miss our bed when we travel!
Brama SenthilBrama Senthil
15:48 27 May 24
I am using the side sleeper pillow from Sofzsleep. It is very comfortable. Additionally, is easier to wash as well. Generally the normal pillows do cause neck pain for me but Sofzsleep's side sleeper pillow did not and is designed specifically for side sleepers.
09:34 27 May 24
It's been more than a month since I started using the Sofzsleep Contour Pillow, and it has been a game-changer for my sleep quality. The unique wave design has made it easy to find a comfortable and optimal sleeping position, reducing the stress I usually feel on my neck, shoulders, and spine.Another standout feature of this pillow is its excellent airflow, thanks to the pure natural latex and bamboo yarn materials. This combination keeps the pillow cool and comfortable which I am highly appreciative of, especially in Singapore's hot weather!The Sofzsleep Contour Pillow is certainly well-loved, even my cat loves it too! 🙂
Bernice LeeBernice Lee
15:05 17 Apr 24
The Sofzsleep baby cot mattress is incredibly comfy, and I can sleep easy knowing that my baby's cot is safe. I also appreciate how simple it is to clean the mattress in the event of a baby poop, urine, or throw-up incident.This is something I wholeheartedly recommend!
14:34 24 Mar 24
The Sofzsleep Baby Cot Mattress is one of the best presents gifted to our newborn. Our baby sleeps well every night because the mattress is comfortable and remains cool despite the warm Singapore weather!The removable mattress cover is also a lifesaver as it kept the mattress dry when our little one had a minor leak. It is easy to remove, and we even managed to wash and dry it within the day.We will certainly continue with Sofzsleep when our little one outgrows the baby cot.
Guo Hao PhangGuo Hao Phang
14:53 12 Feb 24
Bought the sofzsleep delight latex mattress for my new house! Though it is not as thick as other mattresses, but the support is really firm and good. Goes really well with my adjustable bed base due to flexibility of the natural material. Even customised the mattress length to become 200cm instead of the usual SG queen size 190cm. Recommend the arc pillow for side sleepers as well!
L. XiL. Xi
06:31 27 Dec 23
I was gifted a Sofzsleep Design pillow years ago, it was very good, molds the head yet supportive, not hard like other firm pillow that would press on the face.When moving to a new place, I decided to change my mattress, went for the Grand mattress after testing it at the showroom.Best decision ever, I’m glad to have supported this home grown brand.Great quality of sleep every night, better than hotels. Amazing!
07:04 28 Oct 23
Very good mattresses. My sleep quality has improved ever since changing mattress to sofzsleep. The mattress is good for my back and allows me to sleep very comfortably. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new mattress
Pei Ling KhooPei Ling Khoo
08:44 07 Oct 23
Awesome mattress!! My kid love it so much! Best choice for kids 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ivan NgIvan Ng
04:14 17 Sep 23
My sleep quality has improved since I have started using the Sofzsleep Slick Firm Mattress (King) 3 months ago. This is my first time trying a latex mattress and the experience is very positive. The Slick is ergonomic, providing good back support and I wake up feeling cool and refreshed. The motion isolation is also fantastic, great for light sleepers with partner who tends to move in their sleep. Overall, this is a worthwhile investment and I will definitely try out their junior collection in the future.
Mark LimMark Lim
15:10 16 May 23
I’ve tried Sofzsleep pillows since 3 years ago and have loved the brand since then. 6 months ago, I shifted to a new house and decided to purchase a Queen Slick and got 2 new pillows (Arc and Design) to add to my collection. No regrets as I sleep comfortably every night and love the firmness of the Slick. Customer service was amazing as well and answered all my questions patiently. Was deciding between a Slick and Delight but eventually got convinced by Slick’s 7 zoning. Definitely recommend!
Wen WenWen Wen
08:53 24 Apr 23
I have been using the trilogy mattress for a while and i have well tested it enough to justify the 5 star review. It gives me such good night sleep almost every night. And the tossing and turning of my hubby did not affect me at all. And the mattress is actually cool to sleep on especially on hot days like these times.
Sara LeowSara Leow
02:51 31 Jan 23
Baby sleeps sooo well with Sofzsleep products! I love that the bamboo covers are removable and washable too! Would highly recommend their products.
Jen YongJen Yong
01:58 18 Jan 23
Decided to replace my mattress and I chose Sofzsleep Grand after seeing much great Sofzsleep reviews and trying out several models. Also got a new pillow from Sofzsleep to replace a branded memory foam pillow. I used to wake up in the middle of the night feeling warm and and could not sleep thereafter. After changing to Sofzsleep now I enjoy uninterrupted sleep and much more refreshed tho I don’t sleep quite early. High recommended!!!
amber laiamber lai
08:08 19 Oct 21
Really enjoyed picking out my pillow from this shop. They have a huge range of pillows suited for any sort of sleeper out there! As someone who stays in my school's hostel, it is important for me to get a pillow that is both comfortable and has a good value for money. After letting me try out all the pillows in their line, I chose the arc one (good for side-sleepers!). It has been 2 months and my neck has never felt better. In future I will definitely come back and purchase one of their mattresses. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my sleeping needs and providing me with excellent customer service! (:

Bernard Ho

Frankly was it a “gamble” at first? Well, we bought our 2nd same mattress from Sofzsleep for our No.2 after 3 years later.We believed a good mattress for our girl is important and worth investing in.

Sofzsleep was recommended by a furniture retailer and after much research we decided on Starlight because it has dual support ie we can choose the firmness we want =). After 3 years the firmness still intact and our girl sleeps well in it, no complain. What came in useful was the washable ZIP COVER where on bad days my girl vomit onto the mattress, the top cover can be easily unzip and wash! That saves alot of trouble.
Now, we got a second Starlight for our 2 year old boy.
Thank you Sofzsleep and the friendly staffs.



Melissa Ng

The Regalia @ River Valley

The starlight mattress is soft yet form enough to give good support.  My kids loveeeee their beds to bits!  I like that the outer covering can be removed and washed too!  Rina was great at recommending us the bed and delivery was swift!  Highly recommended 😁

Jason Bodlaender

Sommerville Park

Two new Starlight mattresses and Classic pillows for my children was an early Christmas present for my whole family! Looking forward to many undisturbed nights sleep in the nights ahead.

My eldest has been struggling with his allergies and my youngest often sneaks into our bed midway through the night. The quality, comfort and safety standards of Sotzsleep Latex mattresses, alongside being able to regularly wash the covers, made them the perfect choice.



KH Neo

At first we started using cot mattress from sofzsleep for our boys and realized that our kids slept so soundly that we ended up get for our beds as well!

We have been using sofzsleep mattress and pillows for our family and never looked back. The best thing about trilogy is that it could be adjusted to our different preferences!



Carol Tan

South Haven

We bought a mattress for our son and he totally love it and kept telling us how comfortable it is. When I slept on his mattress while he’s in camp, I finally understood what he meant. Mattress feels super comfortable, plush and cool too. I tend to kick off my blanket when I sleep on our spring mattress, but not the night when I slept on his. Will try to persuade my hub to get a Sofzsleep for ourselves soon.


After having spent enough time sleeping on the mattress, it is safe to say we are very happy with our purchase. The dual comfort has two sides – soft and firm. I personally prefer the soft side but the wife and kids

like it firmer and have been sleeping on it very soundly and comfortably since. I highly recommend this delightful mattress and would not hesitate to purchase another one from Sofzsleep if needed.



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