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Hygienic with Removable Covers

Our natural Bamboo mattress covers are easily-removable mattress
protectors which maintain the hygiene of your mattress over its entire lifespan.

The mattress cover can be easily
separated into two parts to allow
for hassle free and easy removal
from the mattress.

4 sided
perimeter zip

the top panel
for easy washing

Less bulky and more convenient to
wash/dry clean, instead of having
to wash the entire mattress cover.

Removable Cover

Why is it important to have removable cover?

A mattress cover maintains the cleanliness of your mattress. Keeping your bed fresh and hygienic is the key to comfortable and good quality sleep.

Can be Washed/Dry Cleaned

Having it removable and washable/dry cleanable significantly reduces the number of allergens and dirt that may settle on your sleep surface, keeping your mattress fresh and clean and free from odor. In addition, your mattresses will be protected from accidental spills, and the spills can be washed away easily.

Vacuum the inner
section of mattress

The removable cover allows you to reach and clean the inner sections of your mattresses, to ensure thorough and overall cleanliness of your mattresses. You will be able to sleep soundly knowing that every inch of your mattress is as clean as it can be!

Well maintained cover/
mattress can last longer

Having a clean bed not only improves your sleep, but also significantly prolongs the lifespan of your mattresses. A well-maintained mattress and mattress cover ensure that the quality of your bed remains even after extended periods of use.

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