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Save Space and Inject Fun into Your Children’s Bedroom with a Bunk Bed!

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As apartments in our cosy island of Singapore get smaller, it’s often inevitable that children have to share bedrooms. This leaves many parents in a tricky situation – how can you convince siblings to share a room, while still giving them adequate space and privacy?

The answer? With a bunk bed!

Bunk beds offer your child their very own private space, even if they have to share a room with a sibling – as they can escape to their own bed whenever some alone time is needed.

What to do when siblings have different sleeping times

Do your kids often quarrel over when to switch off the lights at night? This happens especially often when two children are of different ages and have different bedtimes. Put an end to arguments with bunk beds and clip-on lamps, which can be used to light up each child’s individual area with minimal disturbance to the other.

Bunk bed = Bigger play space!

Another advantage of bunk beds is that they free up floor space, so your children have a bigger area to play (and relax) in. You can also get creative and create play tents for children to play in! Simply fasten a sheet over the bed and let your children’s imaginations run wild!

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Save space with trundle beds and loft beds

Ceiling not high enough for bunk beds? You can consider trundle beds to maximise floor and wall space. A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that is stored under the frame of the main bed, to be pulled out only when it is in use. Trundle beds are useful for two children sharing a small room, or for times when guests visit.

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And if your child doesn’t need to share a bedroom, you can consider getting a loft bed – which has two levels, but with only one mattress at the top bunk for sleeping. Meanwhile, the bottom area usually consists of a desk, shelf or even a cupboard. As a result, loft beds are a fantastic space-saving idea.

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Factors to consider with bunk beds

Before you rush out now to get a bunk bed, do take note of some important considerations.

Make sure your kids can sit up comfortably

When buying any piece of furniture, it is crucial to take precise measurements. Ensure that the ceiling of the room is high enough – there needs to be a comfortable gap between the top bunk and the ceiling so that your child can sit up straight without bumping their head or feeling confined.

The bottom bunk is important too – check that the model of your preferred bunk bed offers sufficient headroom between the beds to allow the child at the bottom bed to sit up comfortably.

Safety considerations

To reduce the likelihood of accidents, make sure your chosen bunk bed is constructed out of sturdy and durable materials, and that the beds and ladders are securely fixed. There should be guardrails on all four sides of the top bunk, even if one side is against a wall. For added safety, look for beds that have smooth, rounded edges to minimise potential injuries.

Something else to think about is how your children will be using the ladder, especially at night. If your child’s room is especially dark, you can consider installing a night light at the ladder to help illuminate the rungs.

Finally (and should go without saying), be sure to teach your children the “CANs” and “CANNOTs” around bunk beds. For example, children shouldn’t play or stand on the top bunk bed, and the child at the bottom bunk bed must never kick or push the top bunk bed from below (which does happen quite frequently with children who haven’t been told not to)!



The best mattresses for bunk beds and trundle beds

Choosing the ideal mattress for bunk beds

Many parents overlook the importance of mattress choice for bunk beds, but this is a key consideration!

When choosing a mattress, think about the height of the guardrail. A mattress that’s too thick for the top bunk will negate the safety afforded by the guardrails. The standard safety requirement for bunk bed mattress thickness is 15cm and below.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not easy to make the bed or flip the mattress on the top bunk. Choosing a lighter mattress will make this task a lot more pleasant. An ideal choice for the top bunk is the Starlight mattress, which is lightweight and a comfortable 14cm in height.

But don’t choose a mattress that’s too thick for the bottom bunk either. Remember that there needs to be sufficient space between the bunks, and the thicker the mattress, the less headroom your child will have.

With that said, there is certainly more room in the bottom bunk, especially for very young children (who require lesser headroom). Here, your best choice is the incredibly comfortable Delight mattress. This mattress is 18cm thick and includes a plush topper for many restful nights.

The best mattress for trundle beds

Trundle bed frames are typically smaller as they have to fit under a regular bed, so do check that your shortlisted mattresses can be tucked away properly. A great mattress for trundle beds is our Moonlight mattress, which has a 10cm thick latex core. Its slim profile makes it suitable for only not trundle beds, but a wide range of other bed frames as well.

Before purchasing a trundle bed, ensure that your child is suitable to sleep on a top bunk. A good rule of thumb is to only allow children aged six and above to sleep on that level. It is also important to check your bed’s maximum weight capacity.

Bunk beds can be fantastic additions to the home, when chosen properly

Take note of the considerations listed in this article, and you’ll find that a bunk bed can be an exciting, space-saving and fun addition to your children’s bedroom!

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