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Shopping for a Latex Mattress in Singapore?

Delivering better sleep has been our mission and it’s what drives us to make better products.

We’re always encouraged to hear from our customers how our mattresses and pillows have improved their lives. Over the course of this year, we’ve received some testimonials and reviews of our mattresses that focus on the specific comparisons of mattresses in Singapore. Here’s a look back at some of their considerations:

100% Natural Latex vs. Memory Foam vs. Composite (Mixed) Latex Mattresses

Mr and Mrs Tan, wrote in a Facebook post earlier this year that, “We have done extensive research on the Web, to find out on the different brands that were sold in the Singapore market. […] Ever since, we started to use the Sofzsleep mattresses, we find that we do not need to on the Aircon at night during sleep, as we find that the room temperature is just right by turning on the fan only.” As new homeowners at Fernvale, they are observing that if the latex mattress makes the difference, “the latex mattresses are a sound investment, as the saving on electricity bill in the long can cover for the slightly more expensive purchases of the mattresses, compared to normal mattresses.”

The Tans perhaps considered an often overlooked but more practical application of Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses to save on utility bills.

100% Latex Mattress vs. Half-Latex Half-Spring Mattress

Sharon who writes on her parenting blog Oak Tree Baby grimaces that, “A hunt for simple mattress turned out to be quite an experience for us.” They compared various latex mattresses and pocketed spring mattresses before deciding to go with us.

To cite Sharon, “We looked around for a good 6 months before deciding on the type of mattress we wanted.”

Sharon and her husband meticulously placed their options on their own personal scale of ‘Feel’, ‘Lifespan’ and ‘Radiation‘. The verdict for them was that “since Latex is really expensive considering its manufacturing processes, it really doesn’t make sense for us to go for half spring, half latex top mattresses, especially when they are priced competitively.” [Source]

100% Latex Pillows vs. Conventional Foam Pillows

The JahBella couple has been documenting their children’s growing up years on their blog. Earlier this year, they chanced upon our Junior latex pillows. They first got a pillow for their 3-year-old son, Jah, who “absolutely loves how soft the fabric of his Bamboo cover is and in fact Jah calls it his ‘soft pillow’, how apt! (true story!). The bamboo cover is an ultra cooling cover despite it feeling rather ‘thick/ plushy’, it is perfect for Jah whose head perspire a lot when he sleeps.”

The couple found that their son was getting such good sleep that they decided to get the adult latex pillow range for themselves too! They mused that the “Adults range has a really wide selection to fit and accommodate all sleep types and preferences. We decided to give their Contour Pillow a try which is apparently ideal for back and side sleepers and because we never had a contour pillow before. Let’s just say I think I hear fewer snores now, possibly because I am sleeping so much more soundly.” [Source]

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