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Sofzsleep natural latex mattress – tried and tested 60000 times!


The Durability of Sofzsleep’s Mattresses Should Not Be Underestimated

Besides being inherently hypoallergenic, Sofzsleep’s natural latex mattresses are also sturdy, and resistance to change. Whether you have slept on your Sofzsleep mattress for one year, or nine years, you will hardly feel any difference in its height, texture, resilience factor nor firmness. Each Sofzsleep mattress retains its superior properties throughout its lifespan of approximately 10 years or more.

Apart from receiving the LGA certification from independent German test institute TÜV Rheinland AG, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services, random samples of Sofzsleep mattresses are also subjected to the dynamic fatigue roller test. The dynamic fatigue roller test is measured based on the European Standard EN1957, and is a durability test carried out via an electromotive driven roller test device which weighs a whopping 143 kilograms.

The electromotive roller is repeatedly applied across the span of the mattress twice, each time with 30, 000 cycles, to emulate the pressure that will be put on the mattress throughout its lifespan of 10 years. Subsequently, the change in height, hardness and resilience loss factor values will be measured, and compared to the values taken before the durability test.

Sofzsleep’s natural latex core recorded an outstanding result of only 0.55% change in hardness, and 2.41mm change in height after the stimulation carried out in the durability test.


Sofzsleep’s Mattresses Have Got Your Back Covered!

This goes to prove that Sofzsleep’s mattresses are able to withstand prolong periods of wear and pressure. April might be the month for pranks and jokes, but this post is neither. Every mattress that you purchase from Sofzsleep will deliver quality sleep for at least ten years, so head on over to the nearest Sofzsleep outlet if you’re looking to purchase a new mattress and ask the friendly staffs for more information!


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