Jo Anne Hemnani

Binjai Park

As the time came for us to change our mattress we did research as to what might be better than our existing one. We were pretty happy with the quality of the spring mattress we had as it has lasted us 10+ years but all that metal and material that was to be disposed had me thinking more the environmental impact of this mattress and could there be a better alternative. After doing much research and going into the shop to try them out, we decided to purchase the Grand mattress.

After 2 months of use here is our review. 1. It is very very comfortable from day 1 of use and there is no need to settle into it. 2. It feels very good and as I am very sensitive to allergens and I had no issues whatsoever. 3. My kids love snuggling in with us and they say it is super comfy. 4. It is so much better than a spring mattress hands down. And of course, what I also like about it is the material being latex is it sustainable and environmentally friendly. And if you’re a clean freak as I am, It is hygienic as you can remove the covers and wash them. Thank you so much Rina and Alex for introducing us to this wonderful product!



Charissa Tang

Veerasamy Road

Recently purchased the Slick model of Sofzsleep series after trying a few Latex beds and found it really comfortable and we also customised the size and comfort level of the bed to suit our needs. The His/Her mattress is perfect when one of us preferred a firmer mattress while the other preferred medium firmness.

Highly recommended to try out the mattresses at Gallery 278, Sara is extremely friendly and provided us a lot of information of the different models while giving us ample time to try the mattresses.



Gerlynn Yap

Toh Guan

No regrets getting the 7-zone mattresses from Sofzsleep because they are SO COMFY!! The mattress matches the contours of my back so nicely – it’s like getting a nice warm hug every night when I sleep Thank goodness for these mattresses because backaches from working from home all day are no joke 😵 Glad to say that my back is aching so much less now 🤭 10/10 recommend!! 💯

Cheryl Teoh


In love with this pillow!!When I first bought Sofzsleep pillow thought it was just another pillow. After using it, I has been having good sleep. It was the best pillow I ever used.

# Value for money

# Highly recommendヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

Myungok Choi

St. Regis Residence

We are an expat family who searched for the best mattress in Singapore and we found one!

I have been using sofzsleep contour pillows for the past few years and now I carry that around in my suitcase when I travel as that gives me much better sleep when I am away from home.

So, Sofzsleep was definitely the first destination for me to go to for mattress to try out and ended up with this mattress as found out this company did not compromise their quality yet very honest with their pricing.

I love Trilogy his/her mattress so much. The interchangeable triple latex layers work perfect for both my and my husband. It has 6 single layers. My preference is to have the soft later on top whereas my husband prefers medium on top. The mattress comes with bamboo cover which is super soft and luxurious as well. This can be dry cleaned so I liked this idea very much as well.

We tried the mattress at a store called House of Anli at Tanglin Mall. They had great range of mattresses from sofzsleep so we were able to try them all out and find the perfect one for us. On top of the best quality mattress, I had an enquiry regarding the product production, process, etc. The sales lady connected me to Rina from Sofzsleep who was honest, extremely knowledgeable and patient. The best sales lady I have ever encountered in Singapore.

Currently, all my children are using Sofzsleep mattress as well as their fantastic pillows and bolsters. I highly recommend you to try out the mattress if you are looking for a natural latex mattress. If you ask the sales lady to connect you to Rina, she will answer all your questions and reassure you why this is the best option out there. You can find a list of consigned stores from their website.



Melissa Ng

The Regalia @ River Valley

The starlight mattress is soft yet form enough to give good support.  My kids loveeeee their beds to bits!  I like that the outer covering can be removed and washed too!  Rina was great at recommending us the bed and delivery was swift!  Highly recommended 😁

Phylicia Koh

Ghim Moh

I’ve been suffering from back problems for a while now and decided to get a better mattress.  After doing some research, we ordered the Grand mattress in a customized size.  I’ve been using it for several months now and have to say Sofzsleep has made my quality of life so much better.  I> nno longer wake up with the same horrible back ache (and crankiness).  Well worth the investment for the relief!

Also kudos to the deliver team for helping us to get the hefty mattress up three flights of stairs!



Seina Tamano

South Haven

Wanted to try a new mattress for my new home, so my mom bought the Trilogy mattress for me. Super soft and comfy, perfect for a good night’s sleep every night! I always look forward to coming home after work and lying on my bed. Highly recommend this product to everyone who prioritises comfort!

Bang Ong

The Amery@Telok Kurao

We were looking for a new latex mattress for a cot that had been discontinued. Sofzsleep helped us customize a mattress to our specific dimensions, and I could not be happier. I fall asleep on it while making my kid sleep. Thanks guys.


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