Sarah Yvonne

Upper Serangoon

An existing user of trilogy mattress, it has serves me so well for the past 3 years. Super comfortable that I can sleep many hours on it. I love that it’s made of full natural latex, toxic-free with no formaldehyde. My husband and I recently made another new order of a cot mattress for our baby arrival, because we want our baby to have the best sleep. Thank you Sofzsleep!

Carol Tan

South Haven

We bought a mattress for our son and he totally love it and kept telling us how comfortable it is. When I slept on his mattress while he’s in camp, I finally understood what he meant. Mattress feels super comfortable, plush and cool too. I tend to kick off my blanket when I sleep on our spring mattress, but not the night when I slept on his. Will try to persuade my hub to get a Sofzsleep for ourselves soon.

John Ho

This is my 2nd time ordering from Sofzsleep, now customising a baby cot mattress for my baby. Highly recommend Sofzsleep because this is one of the better quality (or possibly even one of the best, based on my research of reviews for various brands) and reliable natural latex mattresses in the market. Plus the customer service and after-sales support team is attentive and personable too.

Joanne Chua

Pasir Ris

I bought sofzsleep delight mattress since 2month ago, no regret, very comfortable, good recommended.

Sher Reen Tio

Bukit Timah

We ordered the starlight mattress for our toddlers first bed. We’ve not had a chance to test the mattress as she refuses to share it but can tell it is extremely comfortable as she slept for the longest stretch for the first night! Also, seamless ordering and excellent customer service from Jamie and mattress was delivered as promised even though arranged weeks in advance and being shipped from Europe.

CG Lee

Toh Tuck

After checking out different types of mattresses and brands, I bought the Sofzsleep Trilogy series for my teenage children. It is extremely comfortable as the first layer is very soft. Sleeping on it is like sleeping on a five-star hotel’s bed. In fact, once they lay on this mattress, they can doze off in 5 minutes. Definitely better than the pocket spring mattress I used to have. Highly recommended.


After having spent enough time sleeping on the mattress, it is safe to say we are very happy with our purchase. The dual comfort has two sides – soft and firm. I personally prefer the soft side but the wife and kids

like it firmer and have been sleeping on it very soundly and comfortably since. I highly recommend this delightful mattress and would not hesitate to purchase another one from Sofzsleep if needed.



Janice Chua

Strongly recommend the starlight mattress. Bought it for my daughter and she likes it a lot. It is also very comfortable as it is 100% latex. For people who have allergy problems, latex mattress helps a lot.

Customer service (Alex and Rina) was ask prompt in replying my queries and provided excellent service.



Florence Lim

I have been frustrated for the last 3 years in my search of a comfortable pillow as I was suffering from insomnia regularly.

I have spent a small fortune on expensive memory foam pillows, downfeather pillows, fibre-filled pillows, pillows stuffed with exotic fillings like charcoal, gingko leaves etc but none of them has fulfilled my need.
It was not until my good friend recommended Sofzsleep that my search was finally over. I was doubtful at first about this label and to convince me, my friend lent me his spare pillow.
Wow ! After the first night, I was a convert ! But I did not commit to buying one soon as I wanted to be very sure that it was the pillow that was helping me to sleep better these nights.
After a month, I finally bought one and then, another and another. I have convinced my husband and he is very delighted that his sleep is much ‘cooler’ because of the latex and that he has no shoulder and neckache after using sofzsleep classic.Now, I know what to buy as X’mas and birthday presents for my loved ones!




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