Carrie Zhang


Its my 3rd purchase from Sofzsleep , and it’s super comfortable, and no rubber smell at all,some more with a nice washable cover
N now my girl request to buy bigger mattress must same type of latex mattress, which make her sleep soundly n happily.
Highly recommended for baby n toddlers.
One more thing to highlight, the customer service girl (Jamie 💕) are super good svc, fast response. Cheers, stay safe n healthy, everyone!


Student Hostel

Really enjoyed picking out my pillow from this shop. They have a huge range of pillows suited for any sort of sleeper out there! As someone who stays in my school’s hostel, it is important for me to get a pillow that is both comfortable and has a good value for money. After letting me try out all the pillows in their line, I chose the arc one (good for side-sleepers!).

It has been 2 months and my neck has never felt better. In future I will definitely come back and purchase one of their mattresses. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my sleeping needs and providing me with excellent customer service! (:




Ilse Vosters

Grange Road

Great service. Easy and quick communication via chat and email. Prompt delivery. Nice mattress which fits perfectly.

Sue Ann Chin

Devonshire Road

I customised a mattress for my toddler’s new “big boy” bed. Was looking for a baby-friendly, eco-friendly, least chemically treated mattress with decent support, something that uses the most natural materials and Sofzsleep checks all the boxes. I’m very pleased with my purchase and my son loves his new bed. Special shout-out to the salespersons who were extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Super awesome customer service!

Ivy Xu

FB Review

Great sales person with very detailed explanation. Perfect mattress with latex for my family. Very comfortable.
Love it.

Lissa Ng

The starlight mattress is soft yet firm enough to give good support. My kids loveeeee their beds to bits! I like that the outer covering can be removed and washed too! Rina was great at recommending us the bed and delivery was swift! Highly recommended!! 😁

Leann Gurney

Colorado, USA

Thanks for checking in with me. I love my travel pillow. The quality is really great, which is so unusual these days and so important to me. I’m really glad I found your website and thank you so much for your helpful customer service.

were picked up promptly by Rina, an incredibly pleasant lady, who made sure I got answers to the many questions I had. in addition to that, I made a completely ridiculous request to get small pieces of latex, to cut, shape, and use as shoe inserts for an over-sized pair of shoes.
she went out of her way to get it done for me, and offered to hold on to it for me until I could make my way over for collection My emails to their team were managed by Alex, who provided tremendous support as well.from sharing locations of retailers carrying their products, to recommending additional products upon my request, the service rendered by Alex made it all too easy to shop with them. Finally, the team who delivered my mattress, pillows and bolsters completed my positive service experience with them. they handled the items with care, and were polite throughout the whole delivery.unfortunately, I did not get their names, or I would put them here as well. I’ve been satisfied with the products as well. I also sleep at ease, knowing that I will not get jabbed by springs, will not have to get mattress toppers down the road, do not have to flip the mattress, etc. If you are looking for any bedding products, give sofzsleep a go. I hope you enjoy the same pleasant surprise that I did.



Mr Cheong Chee Kin

Senja Road

Bought a Children Delight mattress Single size today at their local retailer, and enjoyed a good 15% off. Received fantastic service from their online customer service, who replied promptly on New Years Day Holiday, and following up swiftly on a Saturday morning.

The service rendered at their retail shop, Mountain Teak, was friendly and prompt too.A very satisfied customer indeed. Will definitely recommend their products, and service to friends looking for mattresses.



Mr and Mrs Tan


The 2 sofzsleep mattresses that we bought (1 King-sized & 1 Super-Single) , were good buys as they cost a fraction of other European brands selling similiar 100% latex mattresses. The good thing about the Sofzsleep mattresses

is that it comes with individual covers for the two layers of latex inside, which we can interchange for the firmness plus it is more hyience as we can wash the individual covers, in addition to the use of bamboo fibre mattresses cover on the outside to hold the 2 pieces of latex together.
We particularly look out for 100% natural latex as compared to memory foam or high content of composite latex material which tends to have a higher component of toxic substances inside.We have done extensive research on the Web, to find out on the different brands that were sold in Singapore market, we are confident on Sofzsleep products as they have received European, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for compliant with Health standard that are safe even for babies to use.We also found out that the Company, Sofzsleep has been in Singapore for quite a while, and that they provide 10 years warranty for their products, which give us the assurance on the Company and their products.Ever since, we started to use the Sofzsleep mattresses, we find that we do not need to on the Aircon at night during sleep, as we find that the room temperature is just right by turning on the fan only.Not sure if it is the latex mattresses that have holes in them that allow more ventilation , thus it helps to regulate our body temperature to the right degree for a comfortable sleep.The acid test will come during the hottest period in Singapore.We are still evaluating, is it due to our new place being more windy, the current cool season or the latex matress that makes the difference. If the mattresses do make the differences, the latex mattresses are sound investment, as the saving on electricity bill in the long can cover for the slightly more expensive purchases of the mattresses, compared to normal mattresses.So far, we have found that the Sofzsleep mattress have met our expectation for good body suppport during our sleep. We are very happy with the product.




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