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  • Moving into a new house, I had to search for a bed frame and mattress. after extensive searching and reading, I reached out to the sofzsleep team, who really surprised me with their impeccable customer service

    Calls were picked up promptly by Rina, an incredibly pleasant lady, who made sure I got answers to the many questions I had. in addition to that, I made a completely ridiculous request to get small pieces of latex, to cut, shape, and use as shoe inserts for an over-sized pair of shoes. she went out of her way to get it done for me, and offered to hold on to it for me until I could make my way over for collection

    My emails to their team were managed by Alex, who provided tremendous support as well. from sharing locations of retailers carrying their products, to recommending additional products upon my request, the service rendered by Alex made it all too easy to shop with them.

    Finally, the team who delivered my mattress, pillows and bolsters completed my positive service experience with them. they handled the items with care, and were polite throughout the whole delivery. unfortunately, I did not get their names, or I would put them here as well.

    I’ve been satisfied with the products as well. I also sleep at ease, knowing that I will not get jabbed by springs, will not have to get mattress toppers down the road, do not have to flip the mattress, etc.

    If you are looking for any bedding products, give sofzsleep a go. I hope you enjoy the same pleasant surprise that I did.

    - Zi Yi Ong

    Punggol Walk
  • Thanks for checking in with me. I love my travel pillow. The quality is really great, which is so unusual these days and so important to me. I’m really glad I found your website and thank you so much for your helpful customer service.

    - Leann Gurney

    Colorado, USA
  • Bought a Children Delight mattress Single size today at their local retailer, and enjoyed a good 15% off. Received fantastic service from their online customer service, who replied promptly on New Years Day Holiday, and following up swiftly on a Saturday morning.

    The service rendered at their retail shop, Mountain Teak, was friendly and prompt too.

    A very satisfied customer indeed. Will definitely recommend their products, and service to friends looking for mattresses.

    - Mr Cheong Chee Kin

    Senja Road
  • It has been about a month since I started using the design pillow. The pillow is really soft and comfy and I absolutely loved it that it cradles my head, yet provides good support for my neck. I never knew that a soft, cuddly pillow could provide good support for the neck until I tried the design pillow. The previous pillows I used were soft but did not provide the support I needed. When I switched to the design pillow, I was skeptical at first, but when I slept soundly through the night and did not wake up with a neck ache, I was sold! Now, I am looking at the pillows in the other range and am thinking of getting the junior pillow for my young child.

    - Cynthia Tan

    Ang Mo Kio
  • It’s been almost 4 months since I unwrapped my Sofzsleep Trilogy Mattress and my sleep has never been better! The mattress is sufficiently soft yet provides good support for my back and I wake up feeling like I never want to leave my bed. As my partner to be is a light sleeper, I tested to see how tossing and turning on one side could affect my partner when he was taking a nap but amazingly, he slept like a log and his side of the mattress hardly moved. My relatives who came to visit during my housewarming also really liked the mattress and they enjoyed the ‘sinking’ feeling it gave. This is a mattress I really do recommend for those who want a quiet, plush bed yet providing good support for the back.

    - Ms Ouyang

    Twin Waterfalls
  • The 2 sofzsleep mattresses that we bought (1 King-sized & 1 Super-Single) , were good buys as they cost a fraction of other European brands selling similiar 100% latex mattresses. The good thing about the Sofzsleep mattresses is that it comes with individual covers for the two layers of latex inside, which we can interchange for the firmness plus it is more hyience as we can wash the individual covers, in addition to the use of bamboo fibre mattresses cover on the outside to hold the 2 pieces of latex together.

    We particularly look out for 100% natural latex as compared to memory foam or high content of composite latex material which tends to have a higher component of toxic substances inside.
    We have done extensive research on the Web, to find out on the different brands that were sold in Singapore market, we are confident on Sofzsleep products as they have received European, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for compliant with Health standard that are safe even for babies to use.

    We also found out that the Company, Sofzsleep has been in Singapore for quite a while, and that they provide 10 years warranty for their products, which give us the assurance on the Company and their products.

    Ever since, we started to use the Sofzsleep mattresses, we find that we do not need to on the Aircon at night during sleep, as we find that the room temperature is just right by turning on the fan only.
    Not sure if it is the latex mattresses that have holes in them that allow more ventilation , thus it helps to regulate our body temperature to the right degree for a comfortable sleep.
    The acid test will come during the hottest period in Singapore.
    We are still evaluating, is it due to our new place being more windy, the current cool season or the latex matress that makes the difference. If the mattresses do make the differences, the latex mattresses are sound investment, as the saving on electricity bill in the long can cover for the slightly more expensive purchases of the mattresses, compared to normal mattresses.

    So far, we have found that the Sofzsleep mattress have met our expectation for good body suppport during our sleep. We are very happy with the product.

    - Mr and Mrs Tan

  • We have been sleeping on pocketed-spring mattress for more than 10 years until a friend recommended Sofzsleep latex mattress to us. We are very happy with our purchase and extended to buy the children’s mattress range as well as Sofzsleep pillows.

    We would miss our comfortable beds whenever we travel and nothing beats a good night rest on our Sofzsleep (bedding)!

    - Mrs. Chua

  • I wanted to thank you again for the Sofzsleep adult design pillow that you sent me last year when I was suffering badly from pregnancy sickness. My husband taken over using it, and from the day that he started using the pillow, he has completely stopped snoring in his sleep which was a completely unexpected outcome! He describes the pillow as ‘sleeping on a cloud’! So, thanks to you, both my husband and I are sleeping much better at night!

    - Debs G

    Holland Road
  • We bought the dual comfort bamboo queen mattress a few months back for the kids room. We enjoyed the experience of buying the mattress and was very impressed by the passion and confidence that the people at Sofzsleep showed for their mattresses. They answered all our questions patiently and delivered promptly as promised. After having spent enough time sleeping on the mattress, it is safe to say we are very happy with our purchase. The dual comfort has two sides – soft and firm. I personally prefer the soft side but the wife and kids like it firmer and have been sleeping on it very soundly and comfortably since. I highly recommend this delightful mattress and would not hesitate to purchase another one from Sofzsleep if needed.

    - Deepak

    River Valley
  • For years, my family has been sleeping on a hard foam mattress. It was then my dad started having terrible backaches in the morning. Our mattress were too old and my parents decided it was time to get new mattress for the whole family. They found out about Latex and did more research on it. They realised it was a good choice for people with backache as it is comfortable and has good support. They decided to buy latex mattress for the whole family.

    We visited many shops and my whole family had selected their latex mattress except for me. None of the mattress were suitable for me. We were introduced to Sofzsleep and went to their distributors to try the mattress. All of them were too hard for me. Sofzsleep saw my plight and sincerely wanted to help me solve my problem. Sofzsleep discussed with my dad to make a custom-made mattress according to my preference. Sofzsleep delivered my mattress quickly. When I slept on it at night, I didn’t want to wake up in the morning. I absolutely Love it. Thank you, Sofzsleep.

    - Lucas Tay

    Edgedale Plains
  • We bought 2 single mattresses, customized based on our dimension. This was really hard to find in Singapore esp. if you want a latex mattress. So far we are pretty happy with sleeping comfort, the firmness level and like the latex texture. It fits perfectly and the removable cover is a big plus too. I also have to mention that we got an extra ordinary sales and aftersales support from Rina (I had to mention it Rina…) which helped a lot to take the right decision to by a Sofzsleep mattress.

    - Markus Wittig

    Villa Delle Rose
  • I would like to thank you for the great latex mattress we had recently purchased. My girl loved it the moment she saw it and got used to the bed on the same day it was delivered. We are really thankful as we had been searching around for a suitable mattress for quite some time. Thanks for the great service by Rina too in clarifying our initial doubts and for being patient with us when we were indecisive. We didn’t regret making this purchase and will strongly recommend to friends and relatives! Thank you!

    - Agnes

  • We love the mattress topper you made for us so much – it is comfortable and really practical for our boat. We can roll it up and take it out of the bunk space and air it easily.

    - Isabella

    Sentosa Cove
  • After extensive research online for a good latex mattress, it was a delight to find Sofzsleep. They are so knowledgeable and passionate about their products. We bought a king sized mattress eventually from Sofzsleep as it was truly value for money for the quality we are getting. We love the fact that the mattress cover can be completely unzipped and washed and I can see exactly what’s inside the mattress!

    - Susanna

    Clarence Lane
  • I really appreciate your wonderful services and fast delivery! We had many different kinds of mattress for our 3 year old son but he does not seem to be able to sleep alone for long. Finally after finding the Kid’s Keuze CoolMax from sofzsleep, my son has been sleeping thru the nights on his own! Thank you for everything!

    - Neo K. H.

    Park Natura
  • I am a big fan of sofzsleep products: I bought 2 latex pillows and 2 mattress covers and the quality is amazing: plus their customer service is as mindful and caring as it can be…. to be recommended, thumbs Up!

    - Raffaella

    Ocean Drive
  • We bought two super single Bamboo mattresses and design pillows for our children and they totally love them. The mattresses are so comfortable! Even though they are may be slightly more expensive than other brands, my wife and I feel they’re worth every cent. At least we know the latex is certified non-toxic and we can see the full latex core inside. I will recommend Sofzsleep to every person I know who is looking to purchase a mattress.“

    - Yap

    Guilin View
  • I love the mattress, my gal love rolling on it…its soft n not hot…she sleep well on it…really made the right choice in getting it. ;)

    - Cindy

    Jurong East
  • The playpen and cot mattress is great. My son loves it. Its firm enough to support my baby’s body contour. Moreover I’m impressed by the mattress breathability. My son tends to complain a lot when it gets too warm on his back but Sofzsleep’s mattress seems to solve this problem!

    - Faddy Kue

  • Sofzsleep latex cot mattress feels dense and yet soft, very comfortable to rest on, my baby sleeps very well in it. Definitely worth getting one for your precious little ones. The service is good and fast delivery too.

    - Shu Er

  • I called to enquire about Sofzsleep’s cot mattress and the contact person I spoke with had good knowledge about her company’s products and could advise me on what to look out for when selecting a cot mattress. The delivery was prompt and payment was easy. I like the removable bamboo cover that comes with the mattress as it protects the mattress from dirt and allows for easy cleaning.

    - Lai Yew

    Telok Blangah
  • A happy and satisfied customer from Sofzsleep. The product fits our play pen perfectly and the material of the mattress is really good. Many thanks to Rina who assisted us with our purchase with superb customer service!

    - Nicole

    Jurong West
  • The topper is great. Made the right choice. My Mum loves it. No more complaints of backache due to hard mattress. I will surely recommend this.

    - Kasni

  • My mother who is her mid-seventies prefers to sleep on the floor. After getting the single latex mattress topper which I laid it on top of her tatami mattress, the next day she commented it’s so much comfy now with the topper that she slept thru the whole night. I was sceptical at first and decided to try it personally for one night, it’s really so soft and comfortable that when you sleep on the topper, it actually contours against your body shape and thus you do not feel any body ache after sleeping on it. Hence, I decided to get a topper and design pillow to pamper myself.

    Without much hesitation, I decided to purchase a cot mattress, pillow and donut pillow for my new-born niece. No regrets but full of gratitude to Rina for her superb service and even go for the extra-mile to deliver my additional order – which is just an order for an extra donut pillow.

    No regrets, no body or neck ache as long as you find the correct product.

    - Joyce

  • I am very pleased with the mattress. My daughter looks very snug and comfortable in it. Good quality.

    - Daniel Shaw

    Cassia Crescent
  • Bought ur pillow yesterday. I used to change a lot pillow, no matter how many I changed, I always have stiffed neck n upper back discomfort. I would wake up one middle of the night applying yoko yoko. But after I changed to yours for jus the first night, I didn’t wake up at night n GUESS WAT!!! I overslept in e morning.

    - Angelyn Lim

  • A good friend gave me Sofzsleep baby cot mattress as a gift when I delivered my boy. I find sofzsleep latex mattress offers cool and comfortable sleep for my baby, esp. in Singapore hot and humid weather. The product is very durable and I especially like the removable bamboo cover.

    It was an excellent gift and I have bought Sofzsleep latex products for friends as baby shower gifts too!

    - Adeline

  • I have gotten a playpen and wanted to add on a latex mattress, I have been searching around and decided on a famous local brand of latex mattress but it has a strong latex smell and pricey.

    Luckily i came across Sofzsleep, it made from latex sourced from Belgium and it is tested with several testing bodies to ensure its latex are safe from harmful chemicals. I was immediately sold on this brand and placed order for its mattress, pillow and bolster.

    The delivery was amazing fast; delivered to me on the next working day before the stipulated time of delivery. The mattress was rolled up in an exclusive carrier bag. Good for travelling or transporting the mattress around. Its bamboo cover was amazing, its cooling and soft, so soft that it feels like cotton wool. The pillow and bolster covers were also made of the same material.

    I would strongly recommend Sofzsleep to anyone who has an eye for quality. Their products are similar priced to its competitors and come with premium features and certifications not seen in other latex mattress. This will be the one and only latex mattress you should get for your baby!

    - Mr. Tan

  • Fantastic and Awesome mattresses .. within a span of 6 months… I have bought 3 mattresses (playpen, super single firm topper & Single Bamboo) for my boys..!! My 10 year son’s 1st reaction when he lay on the bamboo mattress … Oh Mine!!! This is so comfortable Mommy!!! (btw, my big boy was comparing to his previous spring pocketed mattress) Cover can be removed for washing too!! Looking forward to getting a queen size mattress in a few years’ time!!

    - Judy Wu