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Want Better Sleep? Put on Socks! (And Other Reasons to Wear Socks to Bed)

While pillows, bolsters and blankets have a special place in our hearts – and on our beds – there’s one item that often gets overlooked when the lights go down, even though it keeps us warm and comfy all day.

We’re talking about perhaps the most underappreciated bedroom accessory ever, socks. And we aren’t the only ones who think so – science and sleep experts agree.

Warm feet and cosy toes help you drift off to sleep

Here’s an interesting fact. In a study on skin temperature and sleep-onset latency, researchers found that participants who wore socks to sleep, generally went to sleep more quickly.

That’s because when we sleep, our body naturally lowers our core temperature. However, if our feet are cold, our body may naturally send our core temperature up to compensate – making it more difficult to fall (and stay) asleep. By keeping our feet nice and snug with a pair of socks, our body releases heat through our skin – the way it’s designed to do so, through the night – to cool us down, while also promoting blood circulation.

Of course, you could also tuck your feet in under the blanket, but we all know what usually happens after we doze off…… either our feet peek out from under the covers, or we end up kicking the blanket to the floor ­– both scenarios resulting in the same outcome of waking up with cold feet!

Cracked heels or sore feet? Moisturise overnight with the protection of socks!

If you suffer from dry/tired feet or cracked heels, a little moisture (or specifically, moisturiser) can go a long way. And a great way of preventing the moisturiser from being smeared all over the sheets – and not doing its job of moisturising our feet – is with socks.

It’s simple. Apply a generous amount of soothing and rejuvenating moisturiser to your feet before bedtime, then put on your socks and sleep. Make this a daily routine, and dry feet/cracked heels will soon be distant memories.

Flash those hot flashes away

During menopause, it’s common for women to experience hot flashes – which can include sweating, palpitations, a sudden and intense feeling of warmth, and other symptoms. None of these are pleasurable – and they are even worse when you’re trying to sleep comfortably.

As we mentioned earlier, by wearing socks to bed and keeping your feet warm, your body will be able to lower your core temperature more effectively and consistently. This lower body temperature can help to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes, leading to more restful nights.

What are the “best” socks to sleep in?

Cotton, cashmere, synthetic or others – what type of socks are the best to sleep in? Does one provide better warmth or protection than others?

You’ll be glad to know that the recommendation from sleep experts is simple. “Choose what’s comfortable for you” is the most common response among those in-the-know, with the only caveat being to go with socks that are a little looser and more breathable.

On this note, natural fibres tend to be more breathable than synthetic materials – but don’t fret it, just choose what you like best and try this new habit out for a few weeks to see if you feel the difference!

Other bedroom accessories for a good night’s sleep

Looking for more ways to ensure a restful night? A latex mattress is a wonderful place to start, especially if you’re feeling hot and bothered every night – and would like a “cooler” mattress to sleep on (which latex is well-known for providing).

Made of the highest quality Belgium latex, Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses, pillows and bolsters can be found at showrooms across the country. Visit one near you and lie down on a latex mattress, place your head on a plush latex pillow, and hug a super squishable latex bolster to feel the difference in comfort and coolness – just keep your socks on for the best effects!