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What is a Latex Mattress?

Has your physiotherapist recommended the latex mattress? Are you wondering what makes this mattress ideal for people experiencing pain, especially as a result of poor sleeping posture? This mattress is not just helpful to people experiencing body aches, but also ensures you are comfortable when you turn in for a few hours of rest.

One of the primary reasons why the latex mattress is recommended is because it makes it possible for your spine to retain its natural position. This ensures healthy blood circulation as you sleep. It also reduces excessive pressure on specific points of your body.  


How the latex mattress is manufactured

The latex mattress is made from sap from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.  It is not combined with synthetic materials. There are two processes through which latex mattresses are made, the Talalay method and the Dunlop method.

In the Talalay method, after the sap from the rubber trees is harvested, it is whipped into a froth. It is then partially filled in the mold. The rest of the mold is sealed with a vacuum. After it is sealed, it is flash frozen and then baked. This result from this method of making latex mattress is uniform density throughout the mattress.

The Dunlop method, on the other hand, involves the complete fill of mold. The outcome is a lighter top and a denser bottom. This is because more of the latex foam settles at the bottom of the mold. Latex mattresses made using the Talalay method

When buying a latex mattress, you will discover one that the Dunlop latex is denser. If you are interested in a mattress that offers sturdy support, the Dunlop latex is the right choice. The Talalay latex, on the other hand, is plush and luxurious. It costs slightly more than Dunlop latex. If you sleep on your sides and are seeking a mattress that relieves your pressure points, the Talalay latex is an excellent choice.


Advantages of Using a Latex Mattress

It is all-natural

Latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree. This mattress is springy because of the natural properties of latex. Its elasticity allows the mattress to align with your body, irrespective of the sleeping position. This mattress is free of toxic chemicals and metals.


Normal spine alignment

As people get older, they complain of backaches because of sleeping on a mattress that alters the spine’s alignment, because it is either too soft or too hard. If you are a side sleeper, the hips and shoulders will sink into the latex, while the rest of the body remains adequately supported.

When you first lie on the latex mattress, it will feel quite soft. However, the lower part offers more support. This is how it adapts to the contours of your body, while at the same time providing you with enough back support.


Anti-bacterial and anti-dust properties

This mattress is excellent for people with allergies. It is mould and dust resistant, yet no chemicals are added to aid with this. The latex mattress is also a great choice for people living in countries like Singapore, where humidity levels are high. It is naturally hygienic and provides a healthy sleeping environment.


It is durable

Although the latex mattress costs more than the average mattress, it will last 15 years or more. How often do you replace your mattress? Many people hardly think of replacing their mattresses until they start developing backaches. However, these pains resulting from poor sleeping posture can be averted with the use of the latex mattress. The upfront cost is a barrier for most people, however, considering how long you will have the mattress and its benefits, it is worth it.

Understanding what makes latex mattress unique is vital. This will aid in your decision to get one. Chiropractors recommend latex mattresses because of the benefits to the body and the impact it has on the quality of your sleep.

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