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What to Look Out for When Choosing a Mattress for Back Pain

According to the report from the 2017 GSK Global Pain Index, out of the 500 Singaporeans surveyed, 85% had experienced head and body pain. Every week, four in every ten people complain of body pain, primarily back pain. Just as more people are experiencing back pain, many are seeking treatment to help cope.

The Pain Management Centre at Singapore General Hospital currently sees more than 6000 patients with back pain annually. The number is expected to grow, especially since the proportion of residents who are aged above 65 years has continued to increase faster than the younger generation. In 2018, the aging population had risen from 8.7% in 2008 to 13.7%.

Although getting treatment for backache is the first option many people go for, having the right mattress helps to minimize the pain, and consequently reduce dependency on pain medication. Remember, your back pain may be due to the poor posture during the hours you are asleep because you are sleeping on the wrong mattress. To choose the best mattress, you need to know what to look out for.

Choose a firm mattress for comfort

When you are told to pick a firm mattress, it does not mean that you give up comfort for a hard mattress. People have different comfort levels. This is why the firmness on mattresses varies to ensure there is just the right amount of firmness for everyone. The stiffer it is, the higher the concentration of steel coils. Choose one that is perfect for you. It is, however, important to choose a mattress that is harder than what you are currently using.

Pick a mattress that has more padding

The padding on the mattress tells a lot about the level of support your back, and the rest of your body will be getting while lying down. If the mattress is too soft, it will sag which means certain your sleeping position will be unnatural thus putting pressure on your spine, which leads to back pain. If you can feel the springs when you lie on the mattress, the quality of your sleep will fall.

If you are buying the mattress to help relieve your back pain, a poorly padded mattress will not work. Although you may be forced to pay more for a heavily padded mattress, it may be worth it if you consider the level of comfort you experience when asleep. This may also prove cheaper in the long run since the mattress does not wear out as fast as the lightly padded one.

Pick a mattress that can support your weight

Although your comfort when sleeping is highly dependent on the support provided by the mattress, it is essential to consider the mattress you buy against your body weight. People who are overweight need mattresses that provide additional support. Failure to get a sturdier mattress for a heavy person means it will wear out quickly and result in discomfort, and back pain. If you don’t know the mattress that is best for your weight, you could discuss with professional mattress sellers who understand the best frame for you.

Select a mattress that fits your bed frame

Mattresses today are thicker than they used to be a few years back. This is because people are demanding mattresses that have more support and those that offer more comfort. This ultimately means you need to reconsider the size of your bed. Is your bed going to be too high once you place the mattress you would like to buy? If so, you may opt for a bed frame that is at a lower level to accommodate the height of the mattress. The mattress should also fit in the bed perfectly. A perfect fit means you will be able to roll in and out of bed comfortably without straining any part of your body, especially your back.

Back pain can be a nightmare, especially at a time when your body needs to rest. A bad mattress will ruin your night and day. The longer you wait to fix the problem may lead to further damage on your spine’s alignment, while at the same time cause over-dependence on pain medication. To avoid the long-term impact of back pain, it is best to buy a mattress with the right support earlier.

Sofzsleep’s product collection features 2 types of mattress for back pain:

  1. Chiro Mattress for Adults

We’ve got your back covered. CHIRO is the preferred choice for lovers of extra firm mattresses. It features an extra firm latex base with a plush microperforated topper on it, ensuring a natural spinal alignment and a consistent pressure distribution for a longer, uninterrupted sleep.

  1. Delight Mattress for Adults and Children 

Simply Delightful. DELIGHT features a firm core with a separate plush topper on it, providing the perfect support as you drift off to sleep. It is an excellent choice for adults and children as it adapts perfectly to the contours of the body. It comes with separate inner covers for convenience and an easily removable zip bamboo cover.

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