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Why Is It So Difficult to Find a Latex Mattress in Singapore?

Chiropractors, osteopaths and other health professionals recommend the latex mattress for pain relief. Although more people have come to appreciate the benefits of the latex mattress, it is not easy to get one, especially in Singapore. Latex is an all-natural foam made from the sap of the rubber tree. It is naturally springy, supportive, and comfortable. Given the benefits of latex mattresses, why are they not common?


It costs more than the average mattresses in the market

Considering the advantages of sleeping on a latex mattress, it is understandable that the price tag is a little higher than most of the other mattresses. For business people, investing in a significant number of latex mattresses means the possibility of being stuck with products that will not sell quickly. Some of the mattress showrooms cannot afford to tie so much money in items that take too long to sell. This is why some sellers don’t stock latex mattresses. Those that do only bring in a limited number.


False assumptions about latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are not the same as other foam mattresses. Unfortunately, some people assume there is no difference between the mattresses. When people notice the difference in price, they assume the mattresses are synthetic and are not worth the cost.

The fact is there are some synthetic latex mattresses made from petroleum products. However, there are also 100% natural latex mattresses made from the sap of rubber trees. If you are looking for latex mattresses, it is best to confirm if you are getting the all-natural mattress or the synthetic one.

Another assumption is that latex mattress has an odor that interferes with the quality of your sleep. Additionally, some people believe that latex mattresses sleep hot. Singapore’s weather is warm and tropical all year long. The high-humidity levels have influenced the type of mattresses Singaporeans buy. Despite the misconception, latex mattresses sleep cool and guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep.

Latex mattresses and the polyurethane (PU) foam are often mistaken to be the same. However, even though the two come in blocks, their composition is different. The PU form, especially the poor quality ones, emit an unpleasant chemical odor that is uncomfortable for some people. Some of these mattresses are also hot to sleep.


Few manufacturers produce 100% natural latex mattresses

There is a scarcity of 100% latex mattresses internationally because very few manufacturers make 100%natural latex mattresses. The logistical demands for making latex mattresses are much higher than that of other types of mattresses. For example, a queen size latex mattress is made using the sap from rubber trees grown on 12 acres of land.

It is estimated that there are 9.6million hectares of rubber trees worldwide. This is not sustainable, especially if production increases considerably. A balance between the growth of rubber trees and the manufacture of the all-natural latex mattresses is essential. If production increases at a faster rate than the growth of rubber trees, there will be a gap in the supply chain.

The other mattresses are made from synthetic ingredients. All that is required is more chemicals and synthetic materials. Since these materials are generated quickly, the number of these mattresses remains significantly higher than 100% latex mattresses.


At a glance, latex mattresses are not appealing

What draws you to a mattress when you are out shopping? Most people are attracted to mattresses that have a thick puffy surface. The assumption is, the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it is. Mattress showrooms are full of attractive puffy mattresses because these are the mattresses consumers find appealing. They also are ready to pay more for a mattress that appears comfortable over one that is proven suitable but is not as attractive.

Latex mattresses are quite high-end and comfortable, but at a glance, it is easy to dismiss them. Most enterprises that sell mattresses are interested in bringing mattresses that are in demand. For you to find a latex mattress in Singapore, you may have to look for bedding stores that stock to meet the needs of different consumers.  

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