> 6 Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear

6 Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear

While sleeping naked may be a stretch for some, snoozing without underwear is common among both men and women in Singapore. And while the main reasons for going commando are usually comfort or convenience, there are proven health benefits to sleeping with one less layer of clothes.

Here are some reasons why you may want to make sleeping without underwear an everyday occurrence.

The next step to improving your sleep quality

What’s better than going commando at night? Going underwear-free on a breathable latex mattress that promotes good sleep, rest and rejuvenation!

There’s no doubt that a good night’s sleep is a remedy for many ailments – especially those that need a strong immune system to fight off. That’s why mattress selection is an incredibly important aspect of holistic health.

These are a few of our top recommended mattresses for an amazing night’s sleep:

Triple-layered latex mattress

The Sofzsleep Trilogy offers the ultimate in comfort, whatever firmness your body prefers or needs throughout the year.

This latex mattress comes with three interchangeable layers of latex that you can swap at any time – so, whether you’re in the mood for a firm, medium or soft mattress, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep on a mattress that’s ideal for you.

Dual-firmness latex mattress

Mattress firmness is a vital part of getting a good night’s sleep. Yet, couples often must settle for an “in-between choice”, because each person prefers a different level of firmness.

If this sound familiar to you, we’ve got great news! Some of our most popular Sofzsleep mattresses are available in a configuration that includes two firmness levels for him and her (i.e. one on each side) – so both you and your partner can enjoy a perfect night’s rest, with no compromises.

Spine support latex mattress

If you often suffer from backaches or tension in your body after waking up, your mattress may not be providing you with the appropriate level of support. The Sofzsleep Slick is a unique, seven zone latex mattress that provides specific support for every part of your body, keeping your spine in its natural alignment.

Going Au Naturel?

Still not sure if sleeping without underwear is a habit you’ll take up? Give it a try for two weeks and see if it makes a difference in the quality of your sleep.

And remember, the quality of your mattress matters too. Visit a Sofzsleep location and give our latex mattresses a try and feel the difference!

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