> A New Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing Mattresses

A New Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing Mattresses

Congratulations on getting the keys to your new home, this is an exciting time for any new family (or swinging single). There’s lots to be done and you have an entire apartment to furnish, so let’s start with what we could be your most important purchase – and the place you’ll be spending a-third of your life on – your mattress.

It’s a big decision, but don’t worry – we’ll help you make the right decision. These is our list of the most important factors to consider when selecting a mattress.

Sleeping posture

Are you a pillow hugger, starfish, tummy down or side sleeper? Few people take their sleeping posture into consideration when purchasing a mattress – but it’s important to get a mattress that fits your natural sleeping style.

For example, sleeping on your side concentrates pressure onto a smaller surface area of the mattress, so a mattress that’s soft or has a medium level of firmness is ideal. Meanwhile, stomach sleepers need support for proper spinal contouring and need a medium to firm mattress. Back sleepers have the most flexibility with your choice, as most mattresses will suit your sleeping style.

On the topic of firmness, it’s useful understand the standard firmness scale that’s used by the mattress industry. As a general guide, here’s what it looks like:

Mattress firmness scale

Extra soft: 1-2
Soft: 3-4
Medium: 5-6
Hard: 7-8
Extra hard: 9-10

Of course, everyone has their unique personal preferences (and definition of “firmness”) – so it’s always best to test out mattresses in person. Sit, lie down or even roll around on several mattresses to decide which level of firmness feels best to you.



While smaller-sized folks have the flexibility to choose a mattress based on all the other factors in this list, heavyset individuals should filter your choices to firmer mattresses. The firmer the mattress, the better support it provides for heavier individuals.

Always balance the choice between comfort and health accordingly – they’re both important when choosing a mattress that’s just right for you.

Expert tip

For comfort and support that’s ideal for both you and your partner, get a HIS/HERS mattress. Share the same bed, while having your individual comfort preferences tailored to.


Ideally, the mattress you choose for your new home, should accompany you for at least 10 years of your life. Of course, the material that your mattress is made of, plays a part in how durable it is – with latex mattresses often providing the best value-for-money in terms of durability and comfort.

When looking at a mattress’s price tag, it’s important to consider how long your mattress will last (and not just at the absolute number).

Average mattress lifespan (in years)

Latex: 12 years
Memory foam: 10 years
Hybrid; 10 years
Innerspring: 8 years
Pillowtop: 7 years 


Expert tip

Many new homeowners often mistake price for quality. While it’s true that the best mattresses won’t be cheap, the most expensive mattresses may not be the best.

Similar to other consumer products, branding plays an important part in pricing – and that’s all you may be paying for if you’re simply choosing the “most expensive” mattress. Instead, use all the factors in this article to make an informed decision.


For optimal health, it’s recommended that you sleep for around 8 hours each night. This is where your body rest and recharges, where your days end, and also where they begin. The price of your mattress will depend on the type of material it’s made from. As with everything else in life, higher quality materials will cost more.

It’s essential that you allocate a healthy budget for your mattress. The quality of your health is priceless, and shouldn’t take second place to a 4K HDR TV, walk-in wardrobe or other luxuries.

Indicative price point (by material type)

Latex: $$-$$$
Memory foam: $$$
Hybrid: $$-$$$$
Innerspring: $-$$$
Pillowtop: $$$

For an in-depth look into the benefits of different mattress types, have a look at our article “Which mattress should you be taking to bed?”.


Besides being a place to sleep on, how many others “functions” can a mattress have? Many! Depending on your lifestyle, your mattress can also be a place you spend time watching TV, working, snuggling with your loved one, eating breaking and *ahem* procreating.

Your lifestyle and habits will also determine what type of mattress you need – in terms of its comfort, firmness, durability and everything else listed in this article.

Expert tips

Remember that ease of cleaning is also a key factor to consider. The good news is that Sofzsleep mattresses come with removable covers, so you can say goodbye to dust and dust mites!

And if you often have guests over, the Sofzsleep Trilogy is a transformer-like mattress that has three layers of latex that can be separated to accommodate extra guests!

What the experts say

Sleep specialists and industry insiders generally agree that latex mattresses provide the best balance of incredible comfort and dependable support, at reasonable prices. But don’t just take our word for it, visit a showroom and feel the difference a high quality latex mattress can make to life in your new home.

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