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How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

The size of the mattress may seem an obvious consideration when buying one, but how do you choose the right mattress size? You need to get a mattress that comfortably fits your height, and is wide enough for you to turn without falling off.


Consider the measurements

Although the terms king size, queen size, single, double, super single, twin-size, and full-size are used in various countries, the measurements vary. Before paying for a mattress, it is important to consider the measurements as well as the given terms.

For example, The Singapore King size mattress is 183cm x 190cm, The European King size is 180cm x 200cm, the American one is 193cm x 203cm, while the Australian King size is 183cm x 203cm.

The best way to keep your feet from dangling over the edge of your mattress, you need to get a mattress that gives you an additional 30cm to your height. For instance, if you are 170cm tall, you should get a mattress that is 200cm long. This way, you have enough space between your head and the head board, as well as, space between your feet and the edge of the mattress.


The space available for you to turn  

When selecting a mattress, it is important to consider the space available for you to move. If you sleep alone, a Singapore queen size mattress (152cm x 190cm) is sufficient for you to sleep comfortably, especially if you move a lot in your sleep. However, if you share the bed with your partner, the queen size bed may not be sufficient. You each need at least 90cm to sleep comfortably. If you are buying a Singapore mattress, it is best to get a king size.

When looking for a mattress for your child, you need to note that he or she is still growing. Getting a queen size mattress for an eight-year-old may seem a little excessive. However, when he is sixteen, this mattress size will be perfect. Buying it now is not a bad idea, especially if it is of excellent quality.


The size of the room

Your room will determine the mattress size you buy. If you have items like bookshelves and bedside tables, they will affect how much space you have left for the mattress. If two people have a bedroom the same size but have different interests in the use of space, they may not get the same mattress size.

Before buying a mattress, you need to know the measurements of your room, especially if the space is barely enough to accommodate all the things you would like to have. Alternatively, you can get the mattress first, especially if the size is non-negotiable, before filling the rest of the space with furniture. Don’t forget to leave sufficient room for you to move around your room freely without knocking things over because the mattress is too big for the room.

Whether you are buying a king, queen, twin, single or double size mattress, you need to consider your sleeping needs. If the size is right, you can look at the other features that make your mattress comfortable.

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