> How to Remove Bed Bugs from a Mattress

How to Remove Bed Bugs from a Mattress

Bed bugs are a nightmare. Unless you get rid of them, you can forget having peaceful sleep. It is often assumed that bed bugs are found in filthy homes. However, even if your home is sparkling clean, there is always the possibility a family member or visitor may come in with bed bugs on his clothes. They also crawl through apartment walls. If your neighbor doesn’t remove bed bugs quickly, they will soon come to your home.

One way to identify bed bugs is through unexplained bites, especially at night. They usually hide in the seams and crevices of the mattress. Once you realize you have a bed bugs problem, you need to act promptly. Otherwise, the problem could become more significant, and you will no longer be comfortable in your home.


Remove your beddings immediately

As soon as you discover you have bed bugs, the first step is removing the linens. Remove every item on your bed, including sheets, pillows and pillowcases, and mattress covers. Washing them with other clothes will only spread them to the rest of the house. The beddings need to be washed separately using hot water.


Vacuum the mattress and throw the pillow

Washing the pillowcase and leaving the pillow will not have the desired effect. You might have some bed bugs hiding in the pillow so your hard work will be in vain. Vacuum the mattress by paying closer attention to the seams and other areas where bed bugs are likely to hide. Vacuum for as long as possible. When done, ensure you empty the cleaner bag outside. You should also clean the vacuum cleaner just in case bed bugs are hiding inside.


Look at the bed frame

Even when your focus is on the beddings, it is essential also to pay close attention to the bed frame. Bed bugs easily hide in the joints and cracks. You may need to use pesticides or insecticides to properly get rid of the bed bugs in the bed frame. When doing this, it is crucial to follow the instructions.


Get a bed bug proof encasement

After getting rid of the bed bugs, you need to protect your bed and beddings from future attacks. A bed bug proof encasement is made of a material that the bed bugs cannot bite through. The zipper is also so snug, no bed bug, however small, can pass through. If you get the encasement after the infestation of the bed bugs, it is best to have it for at least a year before removing it. If, however, if you are uncomfortable using the same mattress, you should consider getting a new one.

Once bed bugs get into your home, you must do everything possible to get rid of them. Otherwise, you will have no peace. If you reside in an area where bed bugs can easily move into your household, you can take steps to protect your home. For example, you can move your bed away from the walls.

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