> Is the Snooze Button Destroying Your Life?

Is the Snooze Button Destroying Your Life?

Do you wish you had more energy, drive or discipline in your life? Are you going through your workdays tired and listless, and want more ambition to get your going?

The issue may not lie with you being “lazy” or “unambitious”. It could be an enemy that’s disguised as a friend…… the snooze button.

The Snooze Button Kills Productivity

Did you know that hitting the snooze button, even once, instantly kills your productivity by at least four hours? Worst of all, those are the first four hours of the day – your most important and productive hours, according to researchers.

What Really Happens

To realise why the snooze button affects us so much, we need to understand how we’re designed to sleep.

As humans, we sleep in cycles of 90 to 120 minutes. If you have a sleep tracking device (like a smartphone and related app), you may have already noticed these fluctuations of deep and light sleep that occur naturally, throughout the night. (Assuming you have a comfortable, supportive mattress that promotes high quality, undisturbed sleep.)

When your alarm rings and you wake up, the sleep cycle stops, and your brain begins to slowly wake up. Your brain is now moving into an “alert phase” and is ready to get up and go!

Except… you’re not.

So, you hit the snooze button.

And your brain… goes back into a sleep cycle.

Back to Sleep (Again)

This is where trouble brews. Now locked into a new sleep cycle, your brain expects to recharge for another 90 to 120 minutes.

However, your alarm goes off after 9 minutes, shaking you back into reality and triggering a condition called “sleep inertia”. Feeling tired, you hit the snooze button again. And maybe again. And possibly even a third time – each time, multiplying the effect of sleep inertia on your brain.

And if you’re wondering what sleep inertia does to you, take a look at this list of symptoms:

Do these symptoms look familiar? If you’re a habitual snooze button pusher, this may be how you feel every day. (Except on weekends, when you don’t need to hit the snooze button and incredibly, are filled with energy throughout the day.)

Sleep inertia also explains why people often feel more tired after they’ve hit the snooze button a few times in a row, instead of feeling more rested (despite getting extra sleep). And, as mentioned earlier in this article, sleep inertia can negatively impact the first four hours of your day – the hours that you should be spending planning your day and getting some of your best work done.

How You Can Eliminate Sleep Inertia in Minutes

So, what’s the secret to getting rid of sleep inertia? It’s simple.

Don’t touch that snooze button!

Alright, we understand that’s simple in theory, but tough to actually do – unless you change your morning habits. Don’t worry, here’s a sure-fire strategy you can use to leap out of bed and get started with your day!

With this “wake up strategy” in place, you’ll accomplish some key things:

If you’ve been a perpetual snooze button tapper, this single, new habit can completely turn your life around – making you more energetic, focused, productive and healthy – as you are able to get more quality sleep (hopefully on a luxuriously comfortable latex mattress).

Give this simple “no snooze” strategy a try and let us know how you feel after a week of kicking the snooze button habit!

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