> Should I Just Buy a Latex Topper or a New Latex Mattress?

Should I Just Buy a Latex Topper or a New Latex Mattress?

It can be disappointing when your once comfortable mattress suddenly leaves you with sudden back pains and fatigued mornings. You can only ignore the restless nights for a limited time. You have no choice but to change your mattress.

The latex mattress is a great choice, but do you replace the entire mattress, or will a latex topper solve your problem? The question is, why are you considering the latex topper? Are you doing it because you cannot afford a latex mattress right now? Don’t buy a latex topper just because it is cheaper than the latex mattress. It is best to find out if it will work for you or not.


What is the current condition of your mattress?

It is critical to note that even though the latex mattress is soft at the top, it is firmer as your body sinks lower. If you have constant backache because your mattress is worn out, buying a latex topper may not work. This is because the topper relies on the mattress for additional support. If the firm support is missing, you will not feel the difference between sleeping on your aged mattress and the latex topper. In this case, you should buy a latex mattress.


Is your mattress too firm or do you need it to be more firm?

If you have restless nights because your mattress is too hard, you should consider getting a latex topper. You will have a cushiony layer that will improve your comfort and quality of sleep. If the mattress is soft but doesn’t dip too much when you sleep, you may opt for a latex topper that is a little firm. Buying a latex topper, in this case, will also help you relieve your pressure points.


Does your mattress sleep-hot?

If your mattress sleeps-hot, getting a 100% latex-topper will help regulate the temperature. You will sleep better when you get a latex topper that sleeps cool.


Do you have a new mattress?

When you start using a new mattress, it may take a little while for your body to adjust from the old mattress to the new one. Often, the mattress you have bought may seem too firm initially. However, after the break-in period, which is usually between 30 and 90 days, you will realize it is not as bad as it seemed initially. During this period, you may choose to use a latex topper to help you sleep better.


Does your partner’s sleeping style interfere with yours?

If you wake up grumpy because your partner moves a lot in his sleep, getting a latex mattress or topper will ensure your sleep remains uninterrupted. Before going for the latex topper, it is important to look at the state of your mattress. If it is still in great shape, you may opt for a latex topper. If not, it is best to start budgeting for a latex mattress.

The choice between buying a latex topper or a latex mattress is critical. You don’t want to waste money by purchasing a topper when it will not be helpful. However, if your situation makes the latex topper an ideal choice, you need to make sure you get the right size. If you have a queen-size bed, it is important to get a queen size latex topper. If, however, the topper will be inadequate, it is best to get a latex mattress.

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