> Tips on How to Buy a Single Mattress in Singapore

Tips on How to Buy a Single Mattress in Singapore


A good night’s sleep is critical for a healthy body and mind. Although your state of mind is vital in your body’s ability to rest, the type of mattress you use is equally important. Unfortunately, the emphasis has been on the double size mattresses, while very little information is readily available concerning the single mattress.

In Singapore, the single mattress measures 91cm x 190cm. People who would like a single mattress that is wider can go for the super single, which measures 107cm x 190cm. Some brands offer mattresses that have a higher measurement when it comes to the length. When buying a single mattress, find out the differences in length in the various brands.

Mattress Firmness

How firm the mattress is, plays a critical role in the quality of your sleep. Some people assume the firmness of the mattress matters most when it comes to the queen or king size. However, this feature is essential irrespective of the size of the mattress. It is best to look at the firmness of the mattress in relation to how you sleep.

For side sleepers, a soft mattress is preferable. This is because as a side sleeper, you already relieve the pressure on their spine based on your sleeping position. What you need now is to have a mattress that is flexible enough to mould your body into a natural sleeping position without straining your shoulder and neck muscles. A medium soft mattress is best for people who often turn at night but mainly sleep on their sides.

A medium-firm mattress is perfect for back sleepers because it offers additional support to the spine. Firm mattresses are perfect for people who sleep on their front, those who suffer from back pain, and people who weigh more than 95kgs.

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Do You Sleep in an Air-Conditioned Room?

The temperatures in Singapore are relatively high. Humidity levels also make it necessary for you to sleep on a mattress that sleeps cool. Some people are not comfortable sleeping in a room with the air conditioning on for health reasons. You need to consider the type of mattress if you will rely heavily on the mattress to ensure you remain comfortable all night.

Mattresses made with natural fibers like cotton or bamboo help you to remain cool all night. Some of the mattresses in the market are well ventilated to ensure you stay cool and your mattress remains dry in spite of the high temperature.

Sofzsleep® Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Consider Your Changing Needs

Unfortunately, some people assume they have the same needs they had ten years ago, especially if they still need a single mattress. However, your lifestyle may not be the same. If you are looking to replace your mattress, before going for the same brand you have been using, it is best to ask yourself some questions.

What are some of the changes you have made since the last time you bought your mattress? Have you gained or lost weight? Do you have the same sleeping patterns or have they changed? How much space do you need when sleeping? Does a single mattress provide you with the necessary space to move in your sleep without falling off the bed? Some of these questions may seem unnecessary. However, they provide you with the basic guide on the mattress you should get to meet your needs.

Sofzsleep® Trilogy is a versatile mattress with interchangeable triple latex layers of varying firmness to customize to your preferred firmness instantly.

As you buy a single mattress, remember the bed you will be using will complement the mattress. If the support of the bed is weak, the mattress may not offer you the right firmness, even if it seemed perfect when you tested it in the store. Depending on the brand you choose, mattresses need to be looked at as an investment that will last several years. You should carefully select one that will ensure you are well-rested and fresh when you awaken to face your day.

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