> What Every Parent Needs to Know About Pillows for Flat Head Syndrome

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Pillows for Flat Head Syndrome

Babies always need care and attention from their parents as they are easily flustered and sensitive. For new parents, it is often a challenge to understand and cater to the needs of their little ones. If this is true in your case, you may be trying to figure out ways to lull your baby to sleep in his or her cot for longer periods. However, spending that much time lying on the cot mattress might not be a very good idea, because the physical features like the head of the baby, among others, are still in the midst of being formed, especially during the first few months of a child’s life.

More so, a little extra pressure from the flat surface of the cot could lead to flat head syndrome.

What is flat head syndrome and what are its causes?

Flat head syndrome is a common condition that affects many babies. According to a study that was conducted by Calgary’s Mount Royal University, almost 50% of babies between the ages of 7-12 weeks old are affected by this condition.

Unlike other conditions that affect the growth and conditions of babies that require a procedure or two, flat head syndrome usually corrects itself as babies slowly grow and develop. Also, it is believed that the condition has very little or no impact on the brain development of babies.  

A new-born’s head is very soft, frail and malleable. The pressure from sleeping on a firm cot mattress continuously can cause flat head syndrome to occur. The condition can also be hereditary.

How do I identify flat head syndrome in my new-born?

As a parent with a new-born, here are some signs you should look out for:

  • A bald spot
  • When one ear appears higher than the other
  • When the side of the head is slightly dented or appears flat
  • If you are unable to locate the fontanel or soft spot

Keep in mind that flat head syndrome doesn’t happen overnight. Most times, it will take a couple of months before any visible signs will appear. It is still a good idea to check for flat head spots from time to time.

When should I be worried for my new-born?

As mentioned earlier, flat head syndrome corrects itself and doesn’t cause any serious damage. However, you should be worried if the flat spots are present in the head of your little one after 3 to 6 months. If this is true, then you should consult a paediatrician and you should consider using a flat head pillow for your new-born.

Can a flat head pillow address this?

Flat head syndrome usually corrects itself. However, many parents turn to special flat head pillows to give nature a hand. These pillows are specifically designed to help relieve pressure on the neck and head muscles. Many parents start seeing the positive result after using a flat head pillow for a few weeks.

An alternative to flat head pillows is baby helmets. Before you opt for them, you need to keep in mind that they usually cost around three thousand dollars and must be worn for 23 hours daily for 90 days. So, it is wise to try a flat head pillow first, which usually costs around under 50 dollars.

Which flat head pillow should I choose?

The market is flooded with hundreds of flat head pillows. Choosing among them is surely going to be a challenge. To aid you in your decision, here are two important factors you must things give thoughts to.

  1. Positive Reviews

If a product has mostly positive reviews from various purchasers, chances are that the product is effective and believable. You could also do more research into the specific product model by finding out other details such as material, quality, origin of manufacture or make and details such as how long this model usually lasts and how to maintain it well.

  1. Renowned brand

Buying a head pillow from an unknown brand isn’t really a smart move, as it may not be of good or high quality. The best cause of action is to buy from notable, tested and true and reputable brands. Also, these brands usually come with warranties and 24-hour helplines for their products and customers.

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