> What you didn’t know about mattresses.

What you didn’t know about mattresses.

Originally published on Home & Decor Blog.

You know you need a good night’s sleep, and that mattresses play a large role in achieving that. But, did you know that the thickness of a mattress is not the best indicator of comfort? Here are some things to consider when mattress shopping:

1. A thick mattress does not mean higher level of comfort.
Some manufacturers include substances like polyurethane foam and coconut husk in their mattresses for a more plump and plush appearance. However, your body should decide what is most comfortable. “For a person who weighs between 60-80kg, a 20-24cm mattress should achieve an above average satisfaction,” says Alex Oon from mattress brand manufacturer Sofzsleep.

2. The average mattress has up to two million, asthma-inducing house mites in it.
And don’t forget other gross particles like moulds and dead skin cells! Consider mattresses with removable and washable covers (more cleaning tips here) or opt for latex-based mattresses which generally have less dust mites and bacteria build-up due to its natural properties.

3. Not everyone likes a firm mattress!
For example, the Sofzsleep Trilogy mattress is made up of three interchangeable, 100% latex mattresses – soft, medium, firm – for individual preferences. If you are a side-sleeper, move the softest mattress on top. If you change your mind and prefer a firm base, you can have that too.

4. Springless mattresses are a safe-bet against EMFs.
If you think the fine metal springs in spring mattresses absorb electro-magnetic frequencies (be it from your laptop, Wi-Fi router, or cordless phones) go for springless options like memory foam, latex, or gel mattresses.

5. Latex mattresses need not be flipped or rotated.
Sleeping positions may cause mattresses to wear or sag unevenly, and flipping the mattress is one way to delay this. However, latex mattresses have a dense structure which makes it more lasting and less likely to compress over time – so there’s no need for flipping. But, there is no harm in flipping the mattress, much like the occasional pillow fluffing.

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