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The Ultimate Guide to Single Mattresses in Singapore

What are Single Mattresses?

Mattress sizes vary from country to country even though they could be labelled the same.  For instance, EU single measures 200 cm x 90 cm whereas a single size mattress in Singapore is 190 x 90 cm.  It is therefore advisable to purchase your mattress based on the exact mattress dimensions instead of size labels like Single or Super Single, to ensure that the mattress fits your bed.  

Single beds are perfect for single sleepers, small spaces and cost less as compared to bigger sized mattresses.  We have made a list of everything you need to know before you purchase your single bed and mattress.

What to Consider When Buying a New Bed?

Who is Sleeping in the Bed?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a new bed is who the bed is for. We wouldn’t want a goldilocks situation where the bed is too big or too small, we always want it to be just nice. If it’s for children, teenagers, young adults, and elderly adults who sleep alone, then a single bed is likely to be sufficient. If the user of the mattress is tall and big compared to an average person or he likes to toss and turn a lot while sleeping, then a longer or wider mattress might be more appropriate.

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Do We Have Enough Space?

In Singapore, newly built HDBs and private apartments are getting smaller in size. Single mattresses are compact in size and are therefore excellent for small spaces and allow you to maximize the space in your room to fit other furniture.

How Much Should We Spend on a New Bed?

Budgeting for a bed is of major importance, the bed can easily be one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your home. Mattresses can be expensive, the mattress alone can range from a little under SGD $100 to the tens of thousands depending on its size, material, thickness and sometimes branding. Single mattresses are a lot more affordable than bigger sizes regardless of material and brand.

When buying a mattress, we must not neglect to get a bed frame to fit it to size too. Bed frames can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars – another thing to take note of when on a budget.

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What are Our Current and Future Needs?

Mattresses typically should last between 7 to 10 years However, there are many variables i.e., hygiene, comfort, support, etc. that can influence mattress lifespan. Generally, PU foam and innerspring have the shortest usage life, memory foam are slightly more durable, while latex mattresses are known to last the longest.

You’ll need to also consider the number of people in the house who need a mattress now, will you have a guest staying over occasionally and whether you will have any children or more children in the future.

Benefits of Single Mattresses

Single Mattresses are the Most Affordable

Single mattresses are the most affordable size for adults, a quick search online can get you an affordable single PU foam or spring mattress as cheap as SGD $89, compared to king mattress sizes that go from upwards of SGD $399 if price is your only consideration.

Single Mattresses Allow Enough Space for Everyone

They are the Best Home Space Savers

Single mattresses are great for saving space in a small home. If you require more space for storage or other furniture, you should opt for a single mattress. Having a larger bed with a queen or king-sized mattress will not give you enough flexibility or ease when you are arranging furniture in your room.

Another way to save space in small spaces is to get a single storage bed with pull out storage drawers, or even consider double or triple deck bunk beds, but these are not very easy to access. On the other hand, hydraulic lift storage beds are a lot more space-saving, these storage beds are easy to use and store your belongings.

Single Mattresses are the Best for Young Children and Growing Teenagers

Children and teenagers are slightly smaller than full-grown adults, so a single mattress for a bed will be perfect for them.

If your children share a bedroom, it’s also easier to place a two single beds combination in a children’s bedroom with other children’s furniture like toy storage, study tables, and two or more children’s clothing wardrobes. A larger queen or king-sized bed will be obstructive and inflexible to most furniture combinations in your children’s rooms.

For older children like teenagers who are beginning to be independent, it will be better for them to have separate beds and areas of the room for a sense of ownership and privacy.

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Single Mattresses are Great for Elderly Adults

Single beds are great for the elderly as they can have space for mobility equipment in their home. They might need assistive devices like bars in their room and on the sides of the bed to help them get up, down, and move safely around. Thus, a single bed would be the safest choice.

The elderly also require good back support when resting or sleeping. Consider getting a bed made with good materials and structure that are medically approved for back support.  

Single Mattresses are Extremely Versatile

Combination of Flexibility, Convenience and Space

Single mattresses are the most versatile of all mattress sizes. Besides saving space, single mattresses can also expand your comfort area, you can combine them together to make a king-sized bed for a bigger comfortable space for a bedroom if needed. Having said that, a single mattress is easy to dispose, and you can upgrade to a thicker, better mattress anytime you want.

Most Versatile for Overnight Guests

Single mattresses are the best option for guest rooms. Compact in size, you can use it on its own or you can put two together to create a king-sized mattress   A single mattress bed is easy to maintain, affordable and movable, this makes it effortless to use for a guest bedroom.

Single Mattresses Can Double as Daybeds

Indulge in your hippie side when you convert your single mattress for a zen-like daybed, sofa bed or a little private reading nook in comfort. Simply buy a suitable daybed frame to complete the bed to turn it into your area for inner peace and relaxation.

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A Limitation of Single Mattresses

The only drawback of single mattresses is how small they are. It’s hardly comfortable for two or more people to lie in a single bed at once, but it makes for a cosy experience! If one single mattress is too tight for comfort, you can always combine two single mattresses together to form a bigger sleeping space.

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Which Material Type of Single Mattress Should You Buy?

The material and hardness of the mattress will affect the quality of your sleep – after all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. The type of mattress can also determine how durable it is.

Innerspring: The Spring Coiled Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have stainless steel coils inside them, these mattresses are relatively affordable, but are very prone to wear and tear. An innerspring mattress will squeak easily after some time and gets worn out quite quickly.

Memory Foam: Contour to Your Body Shape Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam creates the comfort of enveloping your body, it is preferred by side sleepers and people who have painful body issues. Other benefits of memory foam mattresses are providing pressure point relief, good back support and motion isolation or low motion transfer. Memory foam also works with adjustable beds for people who prefer other sleeping positions.

One drawback of memory foam is that it traps heat, which is not very suitable for the Singaporean climate. New memory foam mattresses may have a mildly uncomfortable “chemical smell” when the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in them break down.

Pure Latex: The Most Natural Mattress

Pure Latex Mattress

Latex is primarily anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and excellent at body heat management. It is ideal for allergy sufferers due to its natural hypoallergenicity, dust mite resistance, and antimicrobial properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies.

Benefits of latex mattresses include and are not limited to:

  • Hypoallergenic – Because of the coating of latex mattresses, people with latex allergies will very unlikely have any reactions, however, if you have a severe latex allergy, please consult your doctor for advice.   
  • Non-toxic – Made from natural ingredients from rubber trees.
  • Pain-relieving – Similarly to memory foam, it is soft enough and yet it can provide good back support.
  • Natural and eco-friendly – Rest assured that you are doing your part for the environment by selecting a latex mattress.
  • Breathable and cooling – Perfect for tropical climates like Singapore’s.
  • Durable – Latex mattresses last beyond 10 years, significantly longer than other types of mattresses.   

Single Mattresses: The Wrap Up

There are many advantages when it comes to single mattresses. Single mattresses have the best affordability. The space-saving qualities of single mattresses have a distinctive advantage over larger mattresses. The versatility of a single mattress is especially advantageous when one needs flexible sleeping or lounging arrangements.

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Sofzsleep offers a wide variety of latex single mattresses manufactured through rigorous tests and with high quality from Belgium. For quality and restful sleep, explore our extensive range of adult and children sized mattresses. Have something special in mind for your home? Enquire with us to customise your mattress for your every need.